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Miss Dorothy Six
NEW YORK 18, N. Y.

A/C Judson Clark
Sqdrn 5, Class 45-A
Cadet Detachment
Stewart Field
Newburgh, New York

[Transcription begins]:

Dearest Judson—

Just thought I’d add some color to my letters. I hope that you don’t go blind but just thought I’d try something new.

I’m going to get your Christmas present sometime this week, I hope. Golly, getting that is going to be so complicated—I hope you’re going to like it.

Gee, I wish March would hurry up so that I wouldn’t have to worry about what time we were getting home. That must be wonderful not having people tell you what time to get home.

Wish today were over—wish that it wouldn’t be anything different except weekends. What a sentence—clear as mud but you can get the general idea.

Well, I think starting next week, I will look for another job. Things are too uncertain here & I don’t like that at all. What a day. I’m not very happy today. It’s almost noon now & I have so many things to get done this noon time. Millions of Christmas presents to buy and no money to buy them with. Gee, I love Christmas. Everyone is always feeling happy & full of Christmas spirit, both liquid & mental.

I’ll try to write more this afternoon. If not I will tonight.

Went to lunch & didn’t get a darn thing done. Gee, I love you so. You’re so sweet and wonderful.

Honey, what are we going to do around the holidays. It’s a shame that you don’t get paid just before Christmas. It will be wonderful to see you for a few days.

How do you like the different colors. Just for a change. Don’t know where the office ever picked it up but what the heck.

This pen is leaking or something because I’ve got ink all over my hands.

I have to call Mother now & see how she is. This place is a mad house. Can’t write here.

Honestly, I really should copy this letter over but what good would it do.

Well, my darling, I’m home now. You called a while ago and I’m so sorry about what may happen this weekend. I sure hope that you get in a lot of flying this week—I’ll be praying for nice weather.

It sure was nice to hear your voice tonight, darling. You’re so sweet. I was so surprised about your calling up tonight. I was still in a daze about your calling tonight instead of tomorrow night all through our conversation.

Right after you called, honey, I phoned your mother & sister and told them that you might not be home this weekend & that if you were it probably wouldn’t be until late Saturday night.

Golly, honey, I love you so. You’ve just got to get home this weekend. It will be so lonesome without you, my darling. Gee, there’s so little time left before you go to wherever you’re going. Do you know where yet.

It was awful not to get a letter from you tonight. Gee, I miss you so when you’re only a little ways away. Wonder if I’ll miss you according to the miles away you are. Lord, I’m awfully sleepy. That’s why this is such a dopey letter.

Gee, I bought a lot of stuff today but most of it wasn’t for Christmas. I was bad & bought a lot of stuff for me. That was very naughty because I really didn’t need a darned thing I bought.

Darling, a plane’s flying over here now. I wish you were here—not in a plane but with me. I love you so.

Honey, you’re so sweet. I love to hear your voice. I hope that you get a lot of hours in this week & next. Gee, if you only have eighteen hours in now, it will be months, practically before you get the rest in.

Hon, I can’t write much more now because I want to get some sleep. I sure hope that you’re able to get home this weekend. Gee, darling, Christmas is getting so near—I’m all excited. I love to give people presents. I can hardly wait to give you yours. I hope you’ll like it. All I’d need is for you to buy something now—what I bought you. Please don’t buy anything new until after Christmas.

Well, honey, please write when you can. I love you very much. I’ll write again tomorrow, darling. Hope you don’t have to fly Sunday. I love you.

Gee, I hate to stop writing but I’m afraid I have to. I love you so.

All my love,
[Transcription ends]