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[Transcription begins]:

Dearest Judson—

Decided to go back to white paper again today. Those colors were too hard on the eyes. No one is in yet, honey, so I decided this would be about the best time to write a little to you.

Golly, honey, I miss you so. I hope that you can get home this weekend. Everything has gone wrong. First of all yesterday was not one of my good days. You called and said you might have to fly on Sunday. That alone would have been enough bad news for a whole week but no. Everything else went wrong too. A couple of minor things happened and then another major catastrophe (words, why didn’t I learn to spell). It was about your Christmas present. The thing I wanted to get you, they didn’t have and would have to order. I don’t know what to do now. I don’t want to get anything else but it will be two or three weeks at least before they can get that. I’m so disappointed. Now I don’t know what to do. I’m very unhappy about the whole thing.

Gee, honey, everything sure goes wrong at once. If you don’t get an overnight pass, honey, would you like me to come up for a while Saturday or Sunday or something? I just couldn’t stand a whole week or two weeks without seeing you. Gee, I miss you so, my darling. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to see you often enough. I fall in love with you all over again twice as much every time I see you though. I never believed that I could love anyone as much as I love you, honey.

Gee, honey, the radio said it would be nice today and tomorrow, but they didn’t mention what would happen on Saturday. I’m praying for nice weather.

How long did you fly last night? Hope you get in a lot of hours so that you get home this weekend. Golly, honey, I’ve just got to see you soon. I love you so, honey and it’s so lonesome being away from you even for a few hours. When it grows into days & weeks, it’s awful.

Will Steve get home this weekend? Woody is very unhappy—too—this weekend.

Don’t remember what I was going to say but anyhoo, I’m home now darling. I’m in a much happier state now. Maybe soon I’ll be in the state of matrimony. Ah, yes.

Well, my darling, guess what. I got your Christmas present. Two of them—one tonight quite unexpectedly and the other at noon today. It wasn’t quite what I wanted but it’s O.K. at least I hope you’ll like them. (Both of them—the one at night & the noon one). Golly I’m tired and as you can see nothing makes sense that I write. What a conversation I could carry on. There’s a plane over here now & I just turned out my light and looked for it but couldn’t see anything.

Gee, I love you so. You’re so marvelous. I got your letter tonight, hon, and it was so very sweet. I wish I were there to keep you warm too. Now you be careful when it’s cold like that because your resistence [sic] is low, or isn’t it and I wouldn’t like you to catch a cold. Especially when I catch them so easily.

It’s pretty cold around here but I’m awfully hot (no cracks!!). Have a sweater (nice and baggy) on and the heat is going on every few seconds.

Well, honey, what happened. You finally learned to spell Tuesday! Congrats! I’m glad you liked “Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo.” I’ll have to go see it.

Well, it didn’t rain or anything today honey, but it was plenty cold. I’ll bet you froze there because it was 22° here. I wasn’t cold at all though. Must have my love to keep me warm now. The radio said it would be nice tomorrow. What’s going to happen Saturday is what worries me. I sure hope that it’s real nice Saturday & you go on that cross country flight.

How many hours have you gotten in now, honey? I sure hope that you don’t have to fly this weekend. I love you so, honey, and it would be so awful not to see you.

I know I’ll never see enough of you, my darling. I’ll be trying all my life, though. Every time I’m with you I love you so much more. There are so many more things I love about you now than there were at first. You’re so wonderful.

Your line certainly is improving with age or is it practice? Anyhoo, I love you, and I love your line too.

Honey, what do you want to do this weekend? Should I call the Meadowbrook, honey, or what? I know Steve is coming down Saturday. He has a date with Woody. What’s this about his going back to the field Sunday morning?

Gee, I hope you’re going to like your Christmas presents, darling. Your anniversary present isn’t quite ready yet but it will be soon. Does it seem to you that we’ve been officially engaged for almost a month? Gee, next week is Christmas. I just can’t believe it, darling.

Well, my darling, I have to get a couple of things done. I’ll write again tomorrow, hon. I sure hope that you don’t have to fly this weekend. I love you so.

Please let me know as soon as possible whether you can get home this weekend or not. If you can’t do you want me to come up?

I love you so, honey. Please write whenever you can. I’m praying for good weather, hon.

I miss you “awfully much!” You’re the only “thing” (get that) that I ever think about. I always do think about you, honey. I love you so. I’ll love you always, forever and always.

All my love,

P. S. here’s a page that I left out of one of the letters I wrote you. It was quite a few days ago. Probably a week or so but here it is anyhoo. I love you, honey.

[Written in margin at the top of page]:
here’s the one that was under the bed for so long


Dearest Judson—

It’s really wonderful to have you come home in the middle of the week. I just can’t believe that you’ll be home again tomorrow. That sounds so nice. Today has seemed like Monday all day. I was just as tired as I usually am on Mondays too.

Charlotte & I went to the movies last night & saw “Gypsy Wildcat” & Music in Manhattan.” We both liked them a lot but I guess we’re easily pleased or something.

Golly, I miss you so. I’m so glad that I don’t have to wait a whole week to see you again. I just can’t believe that you’re coming home again tomorrow night.

I do wish you’d learn to spell Tuesday. You always have the worst time with that day.

I haven’t much time to write tonight because I have to leave here at eight. It’s almost seven thirty now & I have to eat yet.

Honey, isn’t it wonderful now that your mother’s given her consent. It makes me feel so much better & happier.

You have to go on that cross-country flight tomorrow, so please be careful, darling. No more forced landings or anything. Hope that you get home early and that Steve doesn’t have to walk those tours. I do think he & Woody will have a good time together.

What do you mean that Ginis too childish? You sound as if you mean a few different things. I’ll ask you tomorrow anyway if I can remember.

Oh, our engagement was in the paper. I just found out that the Mt. Vernon paper had it in last night. The Standard put it in tonight. The picture is so dark that you can’t see anything, which is probably the best thing. I’d send it to you but we only have one paper & Daddy will want to see it. Haven’t seen the other one but Woody read it to me over the phone.

Gee, I’d love to see a few people in Mt. Vernon when they read that! They spelled Stewart Field wrong, honey, (Stuart Field) oh, well.

It doesn’t seems [sic] real still. Seeing it in the paper seems so much more unreal.

I just had to go downstairs & talk to mother—my grandmother hasn’t an ounce of brains, I’m almost sure. She tells mother how awful the picture looks & how bad my ankle is & gets her all upset. Honestly, there’s going to be a murder around here soon. It’s awfully hard to go up & down stairs without stepping on my foot so she has me go down to talk to mother—women! She’s gotten mother all upset now.

Somehow or other I forgot to write on this—

If I could draw I’d draw a lovely picture then you wouldn’t know the difference. What have I got to lose—

[stick-figure illustration of a person lying on a bed with foot elevated and a dog on the floor. Parts of drawing have been labeled “me,” “sore ankle,” “bed,” and “Rex.”]

Oh, well, so I’m a failure.
[Transcription ends]