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My Darling,

Hope that this doesn’t get too blurred. But I just washed my hair and it’s dripping all over the place.

Your letter came that you wrote last Sunday. Golly, honey, I hope March 11th isn’t rainy too. My hair will look horid [sic] if it does.

Right now I’m half listening to Suspense- very confusing. I always pick the nicest atmosphere to write to you, honey- very romantic! I guess that the train is just as slow as the bus, honey. We’ll stay in Atlanta Thursday night probably. So it’s hard to get hotel rooms, huh, honey? Well- that’s a minor detail, we can always find a nice park bench someplace.

Honey, that’s the way I always wear my hair- parted on the side and flat on top- [?] when you were home, that’s the only time I changed it. Everyone else likes it this way, honey.

Listen, Judson Clark- will you please answer my question about the Scotch? First- how many bottles do you want me to buy? And which is better- Pinch bottle or Johnny Walker?

You’ve been avoiding my question about Steve. Is there anything wrong between you and sweetie? You never mention him? I’ve been asking and asking you if he was going to be able to arrive by two and if he was very far away.

Those are the only two questions that I can think of off hand but if you don’t answer me so help me there’ll be a private war. Especially about the Scotch.

Where are the other places that are more convenient? We should go to Mexico or someplace on the way. Of course Mexico is probably millions of miles away.

But, how long will we be able to stay wherever we go? You said you wanted to go swimming but I don’t know. If we don’t have more than four or five days it wouldn’t make much difference to me- Remember?

Yes, I guess I want you to be boss- I don’t know whether you will be or not. I’ve got a pretty strong mind of my own- All right so you’ll be an officer. There are plenty of other officers- and and [sic] you’ll take orders when necessary! So I’ll be a Colonel!

I’m glad that you’re getting the rings. I’d never get it done. Never have time to look. If you like them, honey, I’m sure I will- You have such good taste. You’ll always have to buy my jewelry.

Well, I wasn’t exactly trying to discourage you, honey, just sorta preparing you and letting you know what you’re getting in for.

But, honey, we’ve got to eat. Golly, I just hate to think of what’s going to happen. You’re going to be awfully hungry. I hope after we’ve been married a while you still feel the same way. I’m not worrying at all about it but everyone else is- All you hear is “Poor Juddie”- Everyone is sure that I’m going to starve you to death or something horrible. Probably kill you from cooking- I’m definitely not the domestic type.

Which is the best Johnny Walker, red or black?

Well, honey all the articles I’ve read in magazines say that religion is terribly important and since we’re not religious, honey, I was wondering what would happen. I’m not worrying about it at all. I just thought you might like to worry about it. Everyone else seems to think things like that are important. Golly, honey, when we get married it will be the first time I’ve been in a church all this year! That’s awful.

Yes, honey, I’m sure it will work out fine- But the experts all disagree. We’ll show them. Well, you see, I read anything that comes along + lately they’re publishing lots of stuff on war marriages and what makes them last + not last.

I agree about the only way we can find out if it will work is by trying it. I’m not worried in the least but I want you to be sure that you’ve considered all angles.

What a waste of time! Why can’t March hurry. Gee, honey, the way time drags you’d thing we had all year or something.

Oh, happy day- (day after Valentine’s day but we got paid today. Tomorrow at noon I’ll take my huge check over to the bank. Hope they have enough money to cover it. (Is that what they do with checks?)

Someone’s singing “There Goes That Song Again”. Gee, I miss you so, honey.

Golly the time’s getting shorter. Only 24 more days now and we’ll be married, honey.

As you’ve probably gathered by now I’m in a very wacky mood and if this letter makes sense it’s purely coincidental.

Remember that night at Split Rock when you were getting decoldized- (new word!) Woody and Steve were ready to murder me- I always get wacky at the most inappropriate times.

Golly, hone in eleven more days I’ll be all finished working. That’s eleven weekdays. Weekends don’t count. There are times when I dislike everything about that place but then other times I don’t mind it at all. I still feel real patriotic and everything. I don’t know whether I’ll be able to go back to modeling again. It’s so unessential.

“To Have And Have Not” is at the movies this weekend. I can hardly wait to see it. Lauren Bacall is in it. I like her a lot. Won’t be able to see it until Monday night though. Tomorrow night I’m not going out. I’ll be a good little girl and write to you for a change.

Forgot to buy some envelopes again. Oh well, maybe tomorrow I’ll remember.

Gee, honey, I wish these 24 days would hurry. Have you found out about when the graduation dance will be? Can you get Charlotte a date?

I should carry a pad + pencil around with me always so that when I think of something to ask you I could write it down and then remember- whenever I begin to write, always forget.

Let’s see honey, what else was there that I wanted to ask you. Oh, how many hours have you flown now? Are ya still ahead of everyone? Are you still highest in your class or don’t you know? Gee, in about 14 more days you should know what you’re going to be. That’s 10 days before graduation.

I’ll probably have pneumonia if I don’t dry my hair soon. It’s still all wet.

Gee, honey, it will be so queer to be married. Since I’ve never been married before, I think it will be queer anyway. But being married to you will be wonderful, darling.

Last Sunday seems months away. This week went so fast in a way but in another way it seems as if it had been going on forever. Oh, tomorrow’s Friday- I like Fridays.

Honey, will we go on our honeymoon right after we’re married or what? Do you get the 15 days right away. No, don’t tell me that. But where are we going? Let’s not go where it’s rainy- that would be very wetish and – wait a minute- that wouldn’t be so bad- It would be very romantic. Remember that day we walked in the rain, honey. That sure was a long time ago.

Well, my darling, I guess I’d better dry my hair and take a bath and get to bed.

I love you more than anything else in the world. You’re so sweet, honey, how can anyone be so wonderful.

Well, honey, until we’re together again, I’ll love you,



P.S. Please answer my questions!!!

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