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Dearest Mom:

Well I’m on my fourth day honey, and I’m still crazy about it. The system here is really terrific. You remember in my last letter I told you I was going to get my uniform that night? Well I did, and I never got so much, so fast, for nothing. We walked about 2 miles to the quartermaster warehouse which is a place about 400’ long by 75’ wide. We entered in a section separated from the rest and were told to remove all sweaters and jackets, + roll up our night pants leg above the knee. We were given a sheet with a list of every that we were going to receive. Which numbered about 65 articles. At the top of this sheet were blanks for our measurements. In turn we were measured and they were written down, everything from head size to shoe size. We then left this section and entered a large room with a counter about 6’ from the right wall. The last thing I clearly remember after entering this room was taking off my civies [sic]. All I managed to deduct from the orderly turmoil that followed was expressions like “coming atcha” “Hey, get this,” “You dropped something soldier,” “Come on keep movin’!” Whew, what a workout! I finally emerged from the building with 2 duffle bags full of clothes. Our clothes “A” or O.D.’s consist of a blouse, tan shirt, + Q.D. pants. Brass buttons and all. Saalid!!!

When we got out of there is was about 2000 o’clock.

When we reached out barracks we got a nice surprise, we’d moved! We had to tote all our bedding to our new barracks, so when we did finally [missing page]

I’d also like you to send me his present address.

How have you been sweetheart? I hope you’ve been taking care of yourself and aren’t lonely. I sure miss you and think of you constantly. I love you with all my heart, darling.

I think I’ll go see Humphrey Bogart in “Sahara” tonite [sic], I’ll think of you.

Well, say hello to everyone for me, + here’s a few kisses + hugs for you, the sweetest, most understanding, and kindest mother in the world. Xxxxxoooooo. Good night hon, I love you,



Sunday 2300

Dear Mom:

Just a hurried note by flashlight. I just finished 17 hours of K.P. on my first day off. I will write you a letter tomorrow. As yet haven’t received any of yours, they will be here tomorrow. I am pretty tired so I guess I’ll hit the hay. We get shots tomorrow. I love you hon.

Your son


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