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Personal Letter


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Dear Mom:

Well we moved to Barracks 813, the third place we’ve lived- 754-776+813.

We’re through our processing week and are now no longer “Jeeps”.

We have Judo lessons now. I’ve learned how to kill a man 50 different ways. This modern warfare is pretty gruesome. Such things as pushing your thumbs into an enemies eyes and ripping them out or grabbing his ball and pushing then up into his stomach. A fellow just walked in with your Tuesday letter.

I’m going to try to go to church Sundays, but it was rather impossible last Sunday.

The allotment for you cannot be had for I need affidavits proving that I furnished 25% of your income. I tried hard, but it can’t be done.

There are a great many boys here, but I can’t tell you the amount through the mail.

I don’t have the same Sargeant [sic] as Ace. We have a new Sargeant [sic] now that we’ve moved. I don’t know his name.

I got a letter from Ace today, he says he’s fine and loves it. I’m going to write him. I heard that Brooklyn College is open to A.C.’s now. Boy that would be something if I could go there!

That’s terrific about Nela working, what a woman.

We’re having out first real personal, shoe, + barracks inspection tomorrow so right now everyone’s working and I’m goofing off, (that’s army lingo for loafing.) So I better get to work, Beautiful. Send love to all, + a special amount to you. Judd

[Translation ends]