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Teusday [sic]


Dear Mom:

Whew! I just got finished with a “G.I.” party on the barracks. But it sure is spick and span now. There’s a Major General that’s coming tomorrow to visit the camp. Thus we have to shine the place up. Wednsday [sic] afternoon I’m in a parade in his honor and we pass in review. He’ll be the highest officer I’ve ever seen. He’s the C.O. of this command area. Wyant is his name.

Our training is progressing as usual. Today we had the nomenclature of the colt .45 automatic. That was quite interesting.

It’s getting pretty cold down here. In the morning I have P.T. first period and it’s rather cold when we have to strip to the waist. It seems stupid to me as most of us have colds + another fellow just went to the hospital with pneumonia. Another is going tomorrow for tonsillitis. This morning was all P.T. because that’s about all they have to do with us now that we’re through basic. We ran cross-country 3 miles. Then ran the obstacle course, climbed ropes, did chin-ups, and ran the obstacle course again. It’s tough, kid, no foolin’. But it makes me feel damn good to realize that I can do it. I’m getting in terrific shape here. And I must be gaining weight. I’d like to meet some hairy Jap now!

I have a good duty Wednsday [sic] and probably all day Thanksgiving. Some of the Non-coms are working on it though, and maybe I won’t have it Thursday.

I’m enclosing my insurance duplicate which you are to keep for me. I am putting $12.50 a month aside for bonds. You are my beneficiary and as the co-beneficiary, I put Bobby. But I want it understood that if anything happens to me, and also to you, angel, god forbid; Bobby and Nanny are to split the Bonds. As I could only put one name down I put Bobby’s.

Say hello to Judy for me and tell her I’ll write her as soon as I can, I’m still pretty busy. She’s a good kid. I’m right tire so it off to bed for me, beautiful. So goodnight sweetheart, I love you.

Your devoted Son


[Translation ends]