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Dear Mom,

Are you thinking that I crawled in a hole and died or something? Well, honey, I’m slowly goin’ bats. Today we had a test in Maps + Charts and N.I. I got 100 in both, with plenty of hard study.

I saw Charlie yesterday, he looks fine, but has terrible sears on the left side of his face, and his leg has a severed muscle, he won’t ever walk right again. He almost lost his left eye also. He has to wear sunglasses now, and the eye has 20/40 vision. He will be eliminated from the cadets, and will probably get a C.D.D. Otherwise he’s fine! We talked for a long while exchanging dirt and tales. It was swell seeing him. He sent his best to you, angel.

That other test mark that you asked me about was 100 in math.

Today I went to processing to have my records checked as is always the case on arrival here. Man I don’t know where I live or who I belong to, what with Wynnewood Road, Pelham Bitt Apts, Chauncey Ave, Clark, Andrews, Hallett, and Nisar, Whew! It will take me a day to get it all straightened out.

Saturday night in town I saw “Gas Light” with Chs Boyer and Ingrid Bergman. Mom, it’s simply marvelous, you’ve got to see. You’d blow a gut, I can just see you raving over it now, it’s right up your alley. That gal Bergman is tops.

I had flight line guard Saturday night. I watched over alot [sic] of oil tanks while the other fellows were guarding beautiful B-24’s. Was I burned. Well, hon, I’ve got to get to work. I love you with all my heart. Give my love to all, goodnight sweetheart.

Your Son





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