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A/C Judson Clark
Sqdrn A Class 45-A
Albany, Ga.

Mrs. Ruth S. Clark
New York

[Transcription begins]:

Teusday [sic]


Dear Mom,

Well honey, I had my first flight yesterday, boy it’s really sharp. That ship handles like a baby carraige [sic]. I was only up 18 minutes, but I did some turns, and then climbed up to 3500’ for a spin. In that open cockpit you really know you’re flying. You can hear the angels singing up there.

Happy fourth of July! Today we get open post after the parade at 1400, until 2230. We also get open post tomorrow night, and Thursday night, because Sqdrn A was the best on the post, sharp eh?

What’s all this business about Judy and hysterics? Holy cow flop honey, I’m in no trouble, as you put it, you know damn well that if I was I’d tell you. I just dropped Judy a line, seeing that she was sick and all and told her I was thinking about her and similar “pecker-talk.” Women; phooey, they’re beyond me. Tomorrow I really start flying and the chewin’ will start. These instructors really chew, too. They chew your ass around the outside and let the middle drop out, fun for the kiddies!

Yesterday I took my first test in Engines, I got 90 in it. I was trying for 100, but I made some foolish mistake. Tomorrow I get my first test in Theory of Flight. I don’t take code anymore, but will take it up in Basic again, if I get that far.

Ed Conway, my old buddy from Maxwell, came here with me. He’s in my bay, he sleeps under me. He’s a swell guy, we have a lot in common. He reminds me of Bill Weigle. Gosh I wonder where old Bill is now. Probably a hot pilot somewhere.

I just went out with Ed, and Dug and took some pictures in the goggles and helmet I fly in, they ought to be sharp.

Listen honey, don’t you worry about that money situation, you just go down to that Doctor, I’m not kiddin’ now you do it. I’m pulling in 75 a month now, so if you need money, just tell me honey. You need it more than I do. I love you with all my heart. Give my love to all.

Your devoted son,


P. S.—B. U. means Base Unit.

[Transcription ends]