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on the flight line

Dear Mom

Oh me, what a week-end. Friday night Ed & I went to town and met some solid girls, we had some drinks and took in a show. Then Saturday night Ed & I went to the movies alone.

Yesterday was the pay-off though. We took off for town about one o’clock, went swimming with the girls, Betty Austin and Lois Henderson, and the[n] went out to the H-T Club. We danced, and ate diner [sic] and dropped the girls off about ten o’clock.

We [sic] we got back to camp we found that open post had ended at 9:30. We were 45 minutes late. Every other night we had had ‘til 10:30, but Sundays are different, as we found out.

So this morning we went to see Lt. Samaha, our “Tac” officer. The punishment—30 demerits! Which means 24 tours! Twenty-four hours of walking for 45 minutes. Boy, when it rains, it pours. Oh well I’ll save a lot of money anyhow, since I won’t see town for about three weeks.

I’ve got about three hours in the air now, and everything is going fine. The other day we were up about 4000’ above the clouds. My instructor spied a little small tuft drifting under us, so he dived down at it at 120 mph just went over the top, and did a perfect chandelle up around and under it, boy that was sharp, he’s really an “H. P.” (Hot Pilot). Today I fly fourth, we’re going to practice spins, stalls, rectangular course, & “S” turns.

Sometime this week I’ll start supervised solos, when the instructor is just a passenger, I do all the flying. They are your practicing for the first solo, which should be sometime next week. I’ll telephone you when I solo honey. Will you be home then, or still at Nan’s[?] I just realized that I’ve only called you once since I’ve been away, not very nice of me, I think.

Today I have two tests, as usual. I got 90 in the two I took Friday. I’ll be able to do a lot of studying now, anyhow.

Well honey, I’ve got to crank some ships now. I love you and miss you. Boy I sure hope you can come down to see me. Give my love to all.

Your walking son


[Transcription ends]