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My Darling,

Gosh, honey, two weeks from today, 14 days. These last weeks ought to go fast. I’ll be so busy.

Well I got into town last night and ordered the rings. They’re being made smaller in Atlanta so I won’t get them until next week/ I hope you like then honey, they’re not fancy, very plain, but they’re exactly alike except mine is bigger. Boy I’m glad that’s settled, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get them in time.

Well honey, I guess you’ll have to stay overnight in Atlanta. The hotel will be filled up here Thursday night. I probably wouldn’t be able to get a pass anyhow, and I guess it will be easier for you. So stay in Atlanta. But let me know when, how, and where you’ll get into Moultrie Friday and I’ll try to get off to meet you. If I can’t go to the hotel (the Colquitte; it’s the only one in town). The reservations are under my name, but I’ll call them and let them know you’re coming. All I could get was a double room and a single, but they said they’d put another bed in the double.

Everything is taken in town. Chick my roommate, can’t even get a place for his wife to stay. What a bung!

I fly this afternoon. I’ve gotten sixty hours in, it won’t be long now. I hope to finish instruments this week.

Well darling, I’m starved, I’ve gotta eat dinner before I collapse. I love you angel. Say today is the 25th remember. Three months ago today. Happy Anniversary. Gee that seems years ago, well it was last year.

Give my love to everyone and to you I send all my love and devotion darling. You will have that-



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