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My Darling,

Gosh, the weather is still closed in. No flying today, just ground school in the morning and skeet + P.T. this afternoon. My arm is getting numb now, so it doesn’t hurt anymore.

Well I got some news about the graduation today. The Cadet Corps Commdr. Is trying to have it held on the flight line outside. That would be swell. They’re also trying have some planes in it too. There’s a regulation that says that no cadets can take part in a flying show or exhibition, but maybe we can swing it and get underclass to fly over in formation. I hope so. The dance is going to be the 10th Saturday night, honey. So you’ll be here for it. What dress are you going to being down? I’ll bet you haven’t got half enough room in that luggage. I’ve got two pairs of pink pants (en. Officer’s pinks) and a couple of poplin shirts in my B-4 bag and it’s already filled up.

I got my blouse today, and a pair of tailored green slax. That blouse fits like a glove, it was tailor-made. Gosh I can hardly wait to wear it. We’re all like a bunch of kids on the night before Christmas.

Oh I got Charlotte a date with D. A. Clark, my roommate. He’s a sharp looking article. About 6 feet and 180 pounds. Think she’ll like him?

There’s no other news darling, except that I love you, 24 times more than I did last night because I love you more ever hour that we’re apart my darling.

Only 18 more days after today baby. It seems like I haven’t seen you in centuries, not weeks. Do you still have those beautiful blue eyes, that wonderful smile, that cute way you throw your head when you’re happy? All of those little wonderful things I love about you? Gosh I wish this time would fly.

Goodnight angel, I love you and miss you so much. You have all my love and devotion- always.

As ever


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