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Dear Mom,

I got the cigs honey, thanks ever so much. I missed my old Fleetwoods. They’re just about gone now, but I’ve found a place in town where I can buy them, so I’ll keep supplied.

This morning I shot 90° stages. These involve landing the ship on a certain spot on the field after a regular traffic pattern around the field. I got 6 good ones out of 6!

I have another period of these then I go on to 180° side, and 360° side and overhead approaches.

They’re a lot of fun. The instructor goes over with one of the cadets and the other three fly over solo. (To Haley Field) There we line up the ships ready for takeoff, and the instructor signals us with a greenlight one by one when it is all clear for the takeoff. We’re graded on everything, glide approach, turns in the pattern, takeoff, and landing. They’re a hell of a lot of fun. I saw “The Hour Before Dawn,” it was good, wasn’t it.

Last night I had a date with a sharp girl. She reminds me of Pat Ward, my old flame back home, remember? Saturday she and I and Bill Cross and her sister are going to the Paramount Club. She’s a swell girl, really a lot of fun, plenty of personality, too.

I’ve got two hours in the Link now. Boy that’s some machine. It costs $17,000! The damn thing is uncanny, it stalls, spins, and does everything a real ship can do. But they’re hell to fly, stiff and very touchy. They don’t handle like a plane. The stick will stay in any position instead of returning to neutral, as it does in the P. T.’s.

I’m glad Bob and Ronnie are O. K. That’s a sharp name. I’m going to call them Romulus & Rhemus [sic]. I sure wish I could see those boys, and the rest of my sweet family. I love you all so much.

Give my love to Bob. All my love to you, my dearest Mom.

Your devoted Son


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