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Dear Mom,

I just finished my 180° side stage. I got 6 out of 6 O. K. Flying has been called off for the day, however. A storm came up, so we get a little sac-time.

There’s absolutely no news honey. I went out with Lois this weekend, went to the Paramount Club, the local hot-spot, and danced and had a few drinks. She’s a nice girl, but kinda dull.

Yesterday I went to Radium Springs for a swim, but it was too cold. The water was freezing. It’s fed by a spring that burbles from the bottom of the pool, and it’s really cold. It’s a sweet set-up out there. The pool is surrounded by those trees with Louisiana moss on them. It’s like a movie set. After that we saw “Sensations of 1945,” which stunk, by the way. Eleanor Powell is about ready to hang up her brassiere, I think.

Well honey, I’m going to eat now. I love you honey, with all my heart. Give my love to Bob.

Your devoted So[n]


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