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Dear Mom,

Two weeks ago tonight, honey, remember? Gosh in a way it seems years, but it doesn’t seem that I’ve been here that long.

I’ve got five hours and fifty-five minutes now. Started Solo work today.

Everything is fine hon, ground school’s not too hard, I haven’t lost the old touch in the air, and I think I might get Open Post this weekend, as we don’t fly.

But I’m still just as busy as ever, the old schedule sure hasn’t let up any. Gosh I haven’t seen a movie since Stewart. There’s a theatre on the Post. Send me Uncle Guy’s address, I’ve got to write him, no kiddin! I got the laundry today angel, thanks so much. You were very sweet to do it yourself, but you shouldn’t have bothered. I sure needed it, I was down to my last pair (?).

It’s swell that the Six’s can come down for the wedding, isn’t it? Then you’ll have someone to go back with. Since I’m going to graduate on a Sunday I’d like you to come down around the middle of the week, and then you could sort of get rested and settled honey after the trip. I’m going to try to see the chaplain this weekend about the wedding. I had to tell Dottie it was going to be here, but I didn’t say anything to her about it being a military one, anyhow, I doubt if it can be because you need swords and a lot of stuff for it that can’t be had around here, I’ll have to speak to him about it, (the chaplain).

Well hon, it’s almost 8:30, I love you and miss you so much honey. You’re so sweet to me, Mom, you’re the best Mom a guy ever had, not only that you’re my best gal, too!

I love you hon, give my love and a kiss to each of my wonderful sisters and their families, and a thousand to you angel—From

Your Devoted Son


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