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My Darling,

Well, another day has gone by- I didn’t mail the letter that I wrote you last night so I’ll mail it with this.

Anyway, today I got three dresses – 2 for me and 1 for mother. One is red + white print. The other is a black and white western print top with a black crepe skirt. Hope you like them but it’s too late now. Darling, only nineteen more days, golly, and we’ll be married.

It’s snowing madly out. What a night! Just as the weather gets nice and the snow is melting + you can walk all night. Then it snows again- what a life. I’ll sure be glad to get down South. But then I’ll probably wish it were cold again.

Gee, honey, 19 days isn’t very long. It seems years but when you think it’s less than three weeks, it doesn’t seem so long.

This week will go pretty fast for me because I’m not working and have something planned for every minute.

Bobbie leaves for Texas day after tomorrow. Tomorrow I’m going to see her + Mom. They’re bringing Ricky to Mrs. Nisou’s house to stay until Bobbie gets home from Texas. Then mom + Bobbie are coming over to see my things. Then we’re going up to their house, I guess. It’s too bad that Bobbie can’t see my wedding dress but it isn’t finished being fitted yet. She wants us to send her a picture right away. I sure hope they come out well. You take such marvelous picture and I always take a horrible one.

Honey, I’m so angry most of the dresses that I wanted aren’t being cut. What a time I’ve been having trying to get them.

Golly, honey, you’ve sure been doing a lot of flying, haven’t you? I hope you’re not too tired when we get down there. When are you going to start instruments? Wish that they’d get that over with, darling, so that you’d have that off your mind.

How come they have changed your address? Are you in a different sqdrn or what?

I didn’t know they let you fly two cross countries at once. How many hours have you now darling. Not too many more to go.

As you probably know by now Charlotte’s not coming down with us. So now you don’t need to get her a date.

I like my hair better in those pictures than the way I’ve been wearing it lately. And I don’t like the way it was when you were at Stewart.

What else decides whether you’re going to be a 2nc Lieutenant? When do you find out what you’ll be, not until 10 days before graduation? What is the deciding factor?

No, honey, I didn’t see Winged Victory. It wasn’t playing. It was “Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo” and we didn’t get to see it. “Winged Victory is coming this weekend and we’ll probably see it Friday, Woody and I.

It’s really a shame that Mona isn’t given a chance to look as beautiful as she is. If they’d only let her act her age- oh, well. She’s had pretty good parts so far. I’ll have to see “Roughly Speaking” when it comes.

It’s such a relief to know that I don’t have to work in that place any more. Golly, it really was getting me down.

Yeah, I think all men are babies! Yes, women act their ages. Well, you haven’t me the right people yet. What am I saying.

Well, you may be glad that I’ve gained some weight but I’m furious. What “spots” could I have used some. It was the wrong ones that I gained it in! I feel much better since I’ve had my tonsils out + as soon as I begin losing weight again I’ll feel real good. But as soon as I gain I feel awful. Now that I’m not working any more my mind will be more at ease too.

Well, honey, Woody has complete faith in Steve. She hasn’t heard from him in two weeks now. He sure is handing her a line. I just hope he means it. Woody really would feel awful if she thought he didn’t’ mean it.

The cigarette shortage is really bad around here. People stand in line for everything! You should see them at a store. It’s really pitiful.

Honey, gee, I miss you so. It seems so darned long since the last time we were together- I’ll never be able to tell you how much I love you but I’m going to spend the rest of my life trying.

It won’t be long, now, honey til we’re together again.

Oh honey, I think it would be better for mother if we spent Thursday night in Atlanta- she’s not in any condition to travel.

Rode home with Dick Eddington and Dick Molke and Mike Romeo. They all said to say hello + wish you luck. Started to say send their love then I realized what I was saying.

Oh, have you seen “To Have And Have Not”? What a picture! It was wonderful. I like Lauren Bacall. She was really good- she’s a very good actress. Went to the same dramatic school that Woody is going to now.

Well, darling, I’ve got to get to bed. Bob Hope will be on soon + I never can write when he’s on.

I love you so. It won’t be long until we’re together. I’ll love you,



[Translation ends]