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Dear Mom,

What weather! It’s been lousey [sic] all week. I haven’t flown since Monday. It sure gets on your nerves when you don’t fly.

Well, all we’ve been doing all week is going to ground school or shooting skeet. That’s a lot of fun, we have to take it to develop our eye to allow for a moving target which requires lead. I’m getting pretty good too! I broke 20 out of 24 today, in the rain, no less. We all got soppin’ wet. But we had to shoot because we need to fire 750 rounds here. We’ve completed around 250 so far and my arm is killing me. Have you ever shot a 12 guage [sic] shotgun? Man that baby kicks like two mules! It just about knocks you over.

Boy it’s raining like cats and dogs now. Every day we have a weather briefing in the morning of the current and coming weather. The guy that gives them to us is a fairy and is he a character.

“Well fellas” he says, “today we’re going to have light interrmittent [sic] drizzle in the afternoon with the passage of the cold front.” Gosh he looks at you with those big blue eyes of his and it nearly breaks your heart. He hasn’t got a hair on his head, reminds me of Elmer. Remember Elmer? The poor load [?] hasn’t hit one right yet. If they call this downpour intermittent drizzle (light) I’d hate to see it when it really rains around here.

Well honey, 17 more days. Gosh I’m getting excited. The Cadet Corps Commander is trying to have the graduation held on the flight line. I hope we can have it there, that would be swell. Maybe we could get some planes to fly over in formation and stuff. Right now we’re all sweating out the flight officer [indecipherable], Instruments, and the development of a “20 mission crush” in our Officer’s Flighter. I’ve got mine in a small ball in my overcoat pocket, that should do it.

Give my love to Bob. When is she going south? Tell her I love her, and Nan too! I love you all, angels, and miss you terribly. But you have a special place in my heart Mom, and it will always be there for you. All the love in the world.

Your devoted Son


[Transcription ends]