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Monday, 1300

Dear Mom,

It sure was swell to hear your voice New Year’s Eve honey, I hadn’t realized how long it had been. We didn’t do anything that night we were so beat. I want to thank you all at home for the swell Christmas you gave Dottie and I. Give my thanks to everyone for their lovely gifts.

The weather here has been pitiful. It’s been raining like hell down here for a long time, the Alabama River is about to flood. (Selma is right on the River). There’s no danger however as we are now living far away from it. Moss Haven was right on the river. We love our new place. So much more room compared to M. H. Our landlady, Miss McKee, is swell, a lot more broadminded than Mrs. Conerly. She’s going to get some Kem Tone for us to paint the Apartment with. It doesn’t have any turpentine in it so Dottie can help me.

I started going to a Tech Order School here on the field today. It’s a three weeks course on the numerology and filing of Tech Orderes [sic]. You see all the enlisted men will be leaving the Link Dept. next month so we have to take their place. I guess I’ll be put in charge of Link Operations. I’m on my last unit in History now, I have sent for the exam already. I figure a little time for review then I should be able to take the test around the first of February.

Gosh, by the time you get this I might be a father! I’m getting nervous. I’ll let you know as soon as HE arrives by Telegram (not him, you.)

We had a nice letter from Bobbie and Nanny too. I do hope that Ace can find something to his liking. I guess you can’t be too choosy these days however. I’m glad you all like the bags that Dottie made for you, she almost went crazy making them. I’m using a crumby [sic] typewriter at work now so please excuse the mistakes, it needs a new ribbon I guess.

I hope to fly the P-47 soon. The C.O. has released them for Permenant [sic] Party here now. Boy that sure is a sweet ship. After five hours in it I can fly one of th[e] 51’s they’ve got here. That’s the ship I really want to get my hands on.

We used to have two of them but some joker dropped one in on a wing the other day and now there is one. It’s rumored that now that Craig is a Tactical School, one of three in the country, we’re going to get some hot stuff in here. P-80’s, blow jobs; p-82’s; P-63’s; and the like. Boy I sure would like to fly that jet. This might become a transition school in jet propulsion.

Have you been able to find any sheets? We’re using Miss McKee’s now. She doesn’t usually furnish them so we’ve been looking for some all over the place and they ain’t to be had. Don’t forget to tell me how much they are so I can send you the money for them.

Well honey I have to go to P.T. now so I’ll have to sign off. Take care of your sweet self and give our love and thanks again to everyone. And we both send a heartful to you honey. You’re very sweet to us and we appreciate it. You’re the best mother and mother-in-law in the world as far as we’re concerned, and we love you with all our hearts.

Your devoted son and daughter

Dottie & Judd

P. S.—Excuse this God awful mess please XXOO

xo (W.J.)

[Transcription ends]