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My Darling,

I was in an awful mood yesterday. I don’t know, must have been one of my “difficult days”. Nothing went right, I didn’t fly, it was raining. We were all just generally down in the dumps. But I’m not apologizing, young lady, I’m just explaining.

Aw honey, I miss you so darned much, as time goes by the day when we’ll be together again seems to get further away instead of nearer. You sure have changed my conception of time darling.

Well believe it or not I didn’t fly today either, but I guess I’m getting used to it now. Fourteen hours to go and the weather has to close in like this. I predict it’s going to be clear tomorrow. I shouldn’t say it but as far as I can see it should break by two tomorrow morning. Wonder if I’m right.

I shot skeet today in the pouring rain, great fun. We’re even behind in that, we’ve got 500 rounds to fire yet, have shot 250 already, and my arm is just about broken.

Well today is Washington’s Birthday, waddya know! All it means to me is that it’s the 22nd and they’re six more days left in February.

Did I tell you I heard from Uncle Guy. Well he offered us a present, he wanted to give us something that is, but I told him not to. I didn’t think much of the idea of writing him anyhow, he’s not dumb. He doesn’t hear from me for about a year and a half and now just when I’m graduating and getting married I very conveniently drop him a line. Of course he is very happy for us, and sends his wishes for happiness to you darling. He wants to meet you someday. I hope he doesn’t send us anything. Frankly I feel like a heel.

What’s the story about Charlotte? Why didn’t she want to come down? Well I’m glad you got somebody else. I don’t remember any Hilda. Was she at your announcement party?

Well darling I’ve got to study for a test. I love you angel. It seems so long since I’ve seen you last, much too long.

You have all my love



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