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Dorothy Six
8 Brookside Avenue
Pelham 65, N. Y.

A/C Judson Clark
Sqdrn 5 Class 45-A
Cadet Detachment
Stewart Field
Newburgh, New York

[Transcription begins]:
Sunday nite

Dearest Judson,

Golly, here another weekend has just flown by. Can’t you do something to slow them down a little and hurry the week in between them.

Ever since you said that we might be mistaking good friendship for love, I’ve been worrying. That may be the way you feel and that’s what I’m afraid of. I know that’s not the way it is with me, though. I’m sure of that.

Honey, your mother and sister are really swell. They’re real nice & loads of fun—I like them an awful lot. We had quite a talk about you on the way home. They’re both crazy about you—(me, too)(I mean I’m crazy about you, too)—I really am. You’re so sweet & thoughtful and just wonderful in general.

You said you were afraid of getting serious. Why are you afraid? I meant to ask you about that. What’s wrong with that? The only thing is that I’m terribly afraid of falling too hard and getting hurt.

It seems to me that someplace I read that the real kind of love was the kind that started or had a real good friendship, too. Oh, well, time alone will tell.

Darling, I miss you already. You’ve only been away for a few hours and it seems months already. If this is friendship—well, I don’t think I’ve ever had that kind of a feeling for any friend.

There were so darned many things I wanted to write you but now that I’m actually writing all I can think of is how much I love you and miss you.

Every weekend seems to be nicer than the one before that. Just being with you is so wonderful. You’re so sweet. (I could go on like that all night).

Oh, before I forget. This is really an effort to get my mind away from you for a while. Was talking to Woody and she has to go to school this Saturday morning until one or something like that. But anyhow. Do you think you can get a date with that fellow you were telling me about for her for Saturday night? What would you like to do, honey, anything special? Let’s go easy on your money for a change. I hate to have you spend so much on me. Oh, yes, how about going out with your Mom & sister because I’m sure they’d enjoy seeing you a little bit more. Your Mom is swell about your going out all the time but I think if you took her too she’d enjoy it an awful lot. What do you think?

Judson, I’m afraid I’m too serious already. Honestly, it’s really getting pretty bad. Remind me to be more aloof next time I see you. Another thing, remind me to tell you how wonderful you are, too.

This letter is slightly different from the ones I usually write, isn’t it. Seems to be in a rut. Oh, yes, please answer all the questions I ask you. I hate people who just ignore questions. It drives me crazy.

Don’t forget about your promise not to fly over Pelham unless it’s legal. Please don’t forget about it because I know how much the air corps & flying means to you and I’d hate to see anything happen because of a few minutes of pleasure.

Golly, I could just write all night about how much I miss you and everything but you’d get very bored reading it no doubt.

Do you have that 40 hour check this week? Please be careful, honey, on that cross-country thing. Take care of yourself. I love you.

Lots of love,
[Transcription ends]