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My Darling,

Sorry I couldn’t write last night honey, but I was supposed to fly. We went out to the flight line last night to take one last cross-country to the coast but there were some thunderstorms in that area so we just sat around waiting for them to dissipate until eleven o’clock and then came back to the sack.

Today I got 3:15 in. It was a beautiful day. There was a layer of puffy cumulous clouds at about 4000’ and I flew above them all afternoon. It was like a fairyland up there. Gee I pity you landlubbers having to stay on the ground all the time, you don’t know what you’re missing. “Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo” was a small picture. You’re right honey, a couple of pictures like that or what we see is what the average public needs. Some people just don’t realize that there’s a war on I guess, that there are men, women, and children dying at this very moment, but little some people care. Yeah it really bums me up. Maybe someday we’ll lose a war and teach some of these characters what suffering and hardship is.

I don’t have any transition here after graduation, honey. Did I tell you that? If I did I didn’t mean to or you got the wrong impression. No, I’ll go right to Texas from here, that’s pretty sure. There used to be transition here from single engine men, but they cut it out.

Gosh honey, I sure do miss your letters even if it’s only one day I don’t get one. They sort of break up the day, it seems so much longer when I don’t hear from you. Your letters are really swell darling. For someone who can’t say what she means in a letter you do O.K. Honest honey, you’ll never know what your letters have meant to me these past weeks.

Nanny sent us $10.00 for a wedding present, she told me to tell you and send you all her love and best wishes for happiness. It was damn nice of her. Why don’t you drop her a line she wants to hear from you. You can write to her at:

115 L Quentin St.

Brooklyn, 29, N.Y.


Mrs. F. G. Hallett.

Gosh I forgot all about sending Steve an announcement, of course I’ll have to send him one, and Tom Kennedy too.

You know Steve’s address and you can address Kennedy’s the same way minus the Barracks number, I don’t know that. Gosh you made me think of a thousand other fellows but I don’t know their addresses so- that’s that.

The list of 2nd Louies and F/O’s should be up tomorrow, we’re all sitting around biting our nails now. It’s silly, I don’t know what everybody is exited about if we make second Louie we make it. I’m not excited-, excited, - excited. (Poor light here.)

Are you kiddin’? Honey this is the Air Corps in which leaves are a thing of the imagination. The 15 days I get on the 11th will be my one and only, (besides you, baby).

Why don’t you all just rent a moving van to get down here, it would be alot [sic] simpler a week from today you’ll be leaving. It really doesn’t seem possible. Gosh I’ll be glad to see you and hold you in my arms and kiss you again darling. It seems like years.

Hey what’s the matter with a transparent negligee, huh? I guess you’re just the modest type. It doesn’t make any difference you’d look nice in a burlap bag beautiful.

I love you angel and miss you so much. Only a dozen more days honey.

Goodnight sweetheart You have now and always all my love and devotion.

As ever


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