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Personal Letter


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Wednsday [sic]


My Darling,

This will have to be very short honey. I’ve got to start filling out forms tonight. Gosh what a mess my records are. I’ve got two names, Mom’s got about four, both of us have about five different addresses, and then there’s Hallett, Nisar, Skinner, Andrews and now Six. I was talking to the personnel officer today and after diligently scanning my records he said, “First of all who the hell are you!” That I would like to know. And you, young lady, are causing the most trouble. Now I’ve got to fill out all the forms single and after I’m graduated I have to change them all to married status. But it will be worth it. (I’ll be getting $102 extra). Don’t throw that!

Heck honey, I tried jumping on my hat long ago. No you’ve got to sort of sneak up on it and gently twist the living hell out of it! Mine’s under the fire extinguisher now. That sure is a useful gadget.

Sure we wear those leather jackets all the time, (A-2’s they’re called), but only while we’re flying, we’re not supposed to wear them off the post, so the regulations say.

I think I’m going to run overtime in flying. I’ve got 2:45 to go and I need 2 hours of formation, 2:40 nite x-country, a night altitude Day X-C, and 3 hours of instruments, so I’ll be pretty busy probably. My next dual instrument ride ought to be my check. Gosh what 45 minutes can mean in a lifetime. Those 45 will decide whether or not I’m graduated, whether or not we’re married, my whole future and career, honey, I’ve just got to pass it. I’m not worried, I think I can.

That’s swell that Hilda’s bringing down a movie camera. Tell her to get some color film, and that I’ll pay her for it. Kodachrome is easier to get then black + white. Tell her to bring some black + white along though, it might be cloudy and Kodachrome isn’t good on dull days.

Well my darling I’ve got to get to work, wish I could write more.

Honey all I do is think of you all day, it’s pitiful, only ten more days though. They’ll be the longest of my life. Remember when we were talking about “only ten more weeks” though. That doesn’t seem to long ago.

Gee honey, I love you, and I will always love you with all my heart.

Good night sweetheart-

As Ever


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