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[Transcription begins]:

Wednsday [sic]

Dearest Dottie,

No flying today. Good old Mother Nature finally came through with some luscious thick fog so we got some sack time this morning.

This letter is going to be devoted to answering questions (for a change).

Now first, about Woody’s date. I spoke to Steve Fisher, the fellow I was talking to you about, and he’s got tours this weekend so he won’t get off. I also spoke to Tom Kennedy, the fellow you saw at the station with the “nice eyes”—hmmm! He’s got a date this weekend, he thinks he might be getting engaged, anyhow. So he’s out. I don’t think Tom Bent would be the guy for Woody either. And most of the other fellows I know are married, but I’ll see if I can get somebody.

Say, Harry James is at the Meadow Brook. I’d like to see him, maybe we could get out there this weekend, would you like to, honey? I hope you know how to get there.

You were very sweet to want me to bring my mother along Saturday night, but listen Sweetheart, I see her on Saturday afternoon’s and Sunday. I know she doesn’t mind my going out, she was young and in love once, too. And now since she has met you she’ll understand even better.

Oh, and by the way, I am in love. I don’t know who I’m trying to kid by saying you’re just a “good friend,” if I thought of my good friends the way I do you I’d be in one hell of a mess. You made me love you, darling, I can’t help that. I’ve thought I was in love many times before, and I always talked myself out of it. In this case I’ve talked, and talked but it’s no use. You asked me why I don’t want to get too serious. Well as far as I’m concerned it’s too serious already, darling. I don’t think it’s fair to you or me either, what with this war, and things as they are. And also I’m not the type of guy that will let himself get in too deep. I wouldn’t hurt you for the world Dottie, but I believe in being frank and not keeping anything from each other. That’s one reason why I love you so much, because that’s the way you are. And another thing, I don’t like playing second, or is it third fiddle, I still don’t see how you can love three guys at once. I never understood women anyway.

So that’s how it stands, darling. I love you with all my heart, but it’s against my better judgement [sic]. My instructor says my judgement isn’t very good, though.

Well hon I’ve got to go to chow now. You take it easy this week and get some sleep. I still miss you, and count the hours until I will see you.

I love you—
[Transcription ends]