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Personal Letter


[Translation begins]


My Darling,

I’m about going crazy waiting for you to call. Mom said you might call during the day. I’m afraid to go out or anything. Hope you call soon- the waiting is awful.

Golly, darling, I hope you didn’t mean it about wanting to get married home. I certainly don’t + I sure hope you don’t.

Well, honey, I’ll write more later. The phone just rang + I almost broke my neck getting thru + it was my aunt- lord. I am a nervous wreck- my hand is shaking so, I can hardly write.

Well, anyway, here are the pictures honey. That’s why I started to write this. Just got a letter back that daddy forgot to put stamps on- what a family. We’re all crazy.

Well, darling, Grandma’s going out now so I’ll give her this.

I love you so, Judd but please say we’re going to get married down there.

I miss you more every minute.

I love you honey-



[Translation ends]