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Darling- Rather my darling Lieutenant

Just arrived home from New York. I’m so glad you’re a Lieutenant! But, honey, there’s one thing. We’ve got to get married down there.

I have a funny feeling about that darling + I honestly think it would be much better for everyone if we were married down here.

Here are a few of the reasons.

First, I know you want to get married on the day you graduate.

2. I want to get married on the day you graduate

3. We’re going down to see you graduate anyway.

4. Mother will have a two week vacation if we go down. I we don’t then she’ll work herself into a complete collapse rushing around making plans for the wedding + the reception.

5. it’s much less expensive this way.

6. I want to get married down there in the army chapel.

7. Mother wants to see the south. She’s never been there + this will be the only chance she has.

8. Mother + I had a real long talk + she said no matter what she + Hilda + I were going down south to see you graduate + get married.

9. Oh, honey, I can’t remember the other reasons now but please darling, let’s get married down there. I want it that way + I’m sure you do too- no matter what you may say.

Oh, about the night letter. That might be slightly confusing because I added a few sentences in there. Mother wrote, “Wedding plans unchanged- leaving March 7th”. And the reason I wrote as you probably gathered.

Oh, honey, I’m so glad that you are a Lieutenant. You’re going to be the handsomest officer.

Really, though, honey, the only thing to do is have the wedding down there. Please, honey, it means so much to me. I’d be broken hearted if you said you didn’t want to get married down there. Really, I would. I’ve counted on it so, Judd. You don’t know how much it means to me.

I’m so sorry that I wasn’t here when you called honey. I’m so upset about now. You haven’t any idea how much we’ve all counted on this.

Judd, honey, what has happened that made you change your mind. Golly, darling, have you forgotten you said you were going to marry me March 11th- I haven’t.

Honey, it would be so unreasonable to have it at home. Hilda + mother + I are so excited about the trip + getting married down there.

If you could have seen how disappointed we all were you never would have suggested it. No, honey, it would be awful to have the wedding here.

I was so disappointed. I was sure they were fooling when they told me that you said you wanted to get married home. Honey, I know you don’t- you just can’t.

Honey, it’s awfully late. I hope you call tomorrow. I’ll send this air mail special. Hope you get it soon.

Honey, you couldn’t mean it when you said you didn’t want us to come down to see you graduate. Getting your wings means more to you than anything else and, honey, I want to be with you then. It’s the most important moment in your life and, honey, please don’t say you don’t want me to be there.

I love you so, my darling. I mean sir- should I be more formal now, Lieutenant?

Goodnight, darling, I love you with all my heart.



[Translation ends]