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[Transcription begins]:

Dearest Judson—

Well, you were right. I had to tell somebody. Just one person so far and it’s almost three thirty already. A whole day. It’s almost killing me. Corrine was the one I finally had to tell. It was awful, honey. I just had to tell somebody. She’s the one whose husband is a student officer. He’s training to be a pilot, too. She was telling me how lonesome she was & so we had a long talk & I dragged her off in a corner & told her.

She was real excited about it and was happy too.

You know I was thinking about what you said about not marrying me at all if we waited until after the war. I’m not sure if I can explain this or not but I’ll try. Before everything I’ve planned, sorta, about ever getting married was “after the war.” Real indefinite and everything. But now, this all seems so definite because there’s a definite date more or less. Golly. Are you sure you really want to get married in March? I’m still in a daze. Golly.

Oh, did you have a good time last night? You probably did, darn it! Was she nice?

Last night before I went to sleep, you know how you lie in bed & daydream, well, I was doing that. I was just not thinking of anything in particular & all of a sudden you were there. It was the most peculiar feeling. I felt so funny. It wasn’t like a dream or anything I’ve ever seen or felt before.

What did you do last night? Hope you had a miserable time!!

____________(time passing)_______________

It’s about four hours later now & I’m home now.

Got your letter. The one that you wrote last Friday. You were pretty good about writing last week but you should be even “gooder” this week.

I really have will power. Honestly, all day I was absolutely dying to tell the kids but I didn’t. I want to really surprise them. Corrine (she’s the one I finally had to tell) made a bet that before the Friday after next I’d tell all the kids. But I won’t. (It says here). The one good thing is that Jackie is getting married in three weeks this Wednesday and they’re all talking about that.

What time do you want to get married, honey? Not at that ungodly hour of 10 like Melene did.

Honey, please don’t write anything to anyone because I’m afraid it might get to that fellow before I have a chance to tell him. Oh, yes, I almost forgot. Got a letter from him tonight. He seems pretty sure that he’s going overseas soon. Don’t you think I’d better write him now. It would be awful if he went over before I told him. I’ve never had to do anything like this before and I’m not sure what would be the fair thing to do. What do you think, honey? I’ll do whatever you think is best.

Judson, are you really sure you know what you’re doing and what we’re getting into and everything? Are you sure you want to get married while you’re so young? After the war will you be sorry that you have a wife when all the kids start running around again? When everyone else is going out on dates & everything?

Well, honey, please write soon. Don’t forget to answer my questions. I love you very much. Golly. There’s almost a whole week left. Only one day’s over. Every time you go back I miss you so much more.

Lots of love,
[Transcription ends]