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March 17, 1945


My darling husband,

What a day. I’ve met more people today who I’m sure I’ll never recognize when I see them again. Went out to the Post. Met two officers wives on the bus going out. They were both nice and they showed me around the Post.

What I saw of it was very nice. Their husbands are both instructors. Gee, I wish you were here. They’ve been here around nine months and know everyone. I felt like an alien not knowing a soul. Gee, I’ll be glad when you get back, honey.

If this is a little gooey it’s because I’m eating some candy + it’s slightly melted.

The weather here is still nice. Nice + warm. It feels good though but everyone’s getting spring fever. It still is awfully cloudy but when the sun comes out it’s hot- like June.

This candy is all over my face- not to mention hands.

Oh, one of the girl’s husbands has a nice blue ford convertible + we rode back to town in it.

Then there’s a girl about two houses away + her husband has a blue Plymouth convertible. That’s what I’d like a blue one. Do you think we’ll have enough money to get one, honey? They’re awfully expensive, aren’t they?

Oh, I got this paper at the PX. It was all they had.

The fellow down the street has been in the army 5 years now. He’s a nice fellow + so is his wife- I mean she’s a nice girl. What have you been doing? Anything exciting? How has the weather been? I wish you’d finish sooner and get back here before the 31st- that’s pay day.

I have more paper now. Have a thirty day pass to the Post. A commissary card, a cigarette card- they have Lucky Strikes. I got a carton. And a bank book.

Oh, I forgot to tell you we have a savings account. Was going to start a checking account but I’d be in a mess with one of them. We have $80 in the bank now. Don’t think I’ll need any more than $20 until you come back. Hope not anyhow.

Oh, I decided not to take the room I told you about yesterday. It’s much nicer here + you could probably get a ride to the Post every morning. There are quite a few officers living near us. There may be an apartment for rent next week + that’s down the block a little. They seem to be much nicer than a room, darling. An officer (Lt.) that I met today is going to let me know about a room he may have, too. He has hot + cold running water. That heater thing was too much for me. Anyway, we don’t have to leave here right away.

Oh, well, those are all small details. I miss you so much, darling. Especially when I see other girls with their husbands. They all look so happy. Gee, I wish we were together again.

Went for a long ride on the bus today. If you get on it when it looks as though it were heading for town you go for a half hour ride but if you go away from town it’s about five minutes.

Just took time out, darling to write mother + daddy. Oh, I also came in from the porch and was sitting on my bed when Mrs. M. called me. I jumped up and when I came back found I’d spilled a bottle of ink all over me + the bed. What a mess that was. Took me over an hour to get it out.

We may be able to get an apartment darling. Then I could cook for you. It would be much nicer than a room + we’d be alone.

Gee, honey, do you miss me? I miss you so much. Everyday seems awful without you.

Julie + Doris (one of her friends) and I are going to the movies tonight. I wish you were here so that we could do something. My first Saturday night as a married woman + so I go out with girls. Fine thing! They day the first year is the hardest. I wish we’d be together to find out.

Have I told you that I love you. More than I ever thought anyone could love anyone else- well, I do.

Movin’ pictures on our first eve of our wedding anniversary! Fine thing! Who ever would have thought it- alone almost at that.

What’s Nanny’s address? I have to write her + thank her for her wedding present. That was from both Nanny + Gardner wasn’t it?

Tomorrow morning, our anniversary. Golly- honey, happy anniversary. Can you believe that we’ve been married a week. I can’t. It seems years since we were together last. Well, you should be back two weeks from today. It seems so long.

I’d love Selma if you were here. It’s such a nice place. You’d be surprised how big it is. Goes back for miles + miles. There’s a stable back there somewhere or other but from what everyone says the horses are pretty sad.

I’m so glad you gave me your pictures, darling. They’re the first thing I see every morning when I wake up. It would be better to see you but they’re nice, too. We may have about ten rooms on our hands before we’re through. Everyone is looking. I’m not especially worried. If we don’t get one the nights are real warm now + there’s mothering like sleeping under the stars.

Afraid this is going to be a short letter. Julie should be calling back soon + we’ll be learning. DO you have to wait very long for my letters?

Hope that you’re not working too hard- Remember in “30 Seconds Over Tokyo” the nice hotel near Eglin? Is it there yet?

Well, darling I wish the days would hurry. They won’t but it seems like they should.

Gee, darling, I wish you were here. Will they keep you there longer if it rains? What are you doing + how many hours do you have to have of what is the weather like + are you up to schedule? Hope you finish sooner + they send you home before you’re supposed to be.

Have you gotten any mail for me yet? Oh, did I tell you to write here instead of the hotel. c/o Mrs. J.M. Moseley

107 Lamar Ave.

Selma, Ala.

Well, honey, I’ll write again tomorrow. I love you so, Judd. You’ll always be the only one I’ve ever loved or ever will.

Your devoted wife-


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