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Dearest Dottie,

Good morning, honey. No flying today, it’s raining.

Sorry I didn’t write last night, hon, but Kennedy and I went to see “For Whom the Bell Tolls.” It was good. Ingrid Bergman is quite a gal,—man!

Well I met the board yesterday. Gosh you’d think I’d shot the president or something. It was like a trial, a very stupid one. I’m very much P. O.’d with this outfit. I know damn well I was cleared from that hairy hospital, but you can’t tell the damned army anything. Wait until I become a general, oh just wait, I’ll show ‘em! After about three minutes of careful consentration [sic], and frenzied debating, the competant [sic] judiciaries gave out with the verdict. I got off easy, I thought I was going to be shot at dawn. Five demerits & five tours. Yeah five stinking, measely [sic], tours. You know what that means darling? I won’t be home this weekend. I think I’ll dig up a bottle of scotch somewhere and find myself a nice dark corner and get stinko.

Aw honey, how can I go without seeing you for two weeks? I’ll get off Sunday at 3 o’clock. Maybe you could come up. I hate to ask you, though, it’s such a long trip, you wouldn’t get home until late. And anyhow, I might get off Thanksgiving. I don’t think on Wednesday night, however. From reveille Thursday until 7:30. Sweet of them isn’t it. That’s what I love about the cadets, you get so much time off.

Darling it’s awful to be so in love with someone, and not be able to be with her all the time, especially when we’re so close, only fifty miles. What will it be like when I’m in Georgia, or even China or the Pacific? I hate to think. Well I’ll worry about that then. I got plenty of troubles right now.

Hon, let’s not get a yellow gold ring. That’s so old fashioned, women don’t were [sic] them much anymore. I’d rather get you white gold, that’s what you really want isn’t it, darling? Our wedding bands don’t have to be alike. I’d like a wide band, and you couldn’t wear a wide one with your engagement ring, angel.

And Christmas;—darling I’ve though[t] & thought, but honest I can’t think of anything I want. I’m a great help aren’t I. Let’s see something I don’t need, impractical, that I can keep always. Hmm, there’s you, but I need you, hon.

Say, you know hon there’s something that I would like, that’s not expensive. A good pen and pencil set. This thing I got now leaks like a sieve (seive—hmm). That’s all I can think of honey.

Gee I love you, or have I said that before.

That fortune teller is O. K. Our marriage will be happy darling, I know it. Yes, even if you can’t cook. We’ll go out to dinner a lot anyhow, angel. I want to show you off. That will save doing dishes, too.

Well darling, they’re keeping us busy. I’ve got to wash some windows. How undignified.

I love you darling, and miss you terribly.

Give my best to your family. I love you.

As ever—Judd
[Transcription ends]