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Sunday March 18, 1945

My Darling husband-

And how are you this fine morning of our anniversary. Here we’ve almost been married a whole week in three more hours. Golly, darling, what a week it’s been, too. The first part was wonderful.

Well, I’ve been kept pretty busy all week but nothing can take your place, honey. Everyone I meet just makes me miss you more because I always think no matter how good a time I could have it would be so much better if you were here. Everyone thinks you’re real cute and they’re so right.

Guess I shocked Mrs. Moseley by not going to church. Golly, everyone is so religious down here. They’re all heads of something in the choir + teach Sunday school

The girls next door are real cute blondes. Had dinner over there last night. Oh, don’t worry about my not eating. I’m eating like a little pig. I’ll be like a baby elephant by the time you get back. I love Southern food. It’s so good.

Today Julie + Betty Jo asked me for lunch. They eat a real big meal at lunch here + suppers not small by any means. We had hot biscuits last night + I must have eaten ten. They were so good.

Every once in a while I can’t understand people. When they start talking fast but mostly I like their accent. They have some queer expressions, down here- all the girls “get tickled” when something’s funny. It sure is funny the different expressions that everyone uses.

The girls next door are awfully nice + want me to do something with them today but since Julie insisted I stay there for lunch I don’t know how I’ll do it. That’s what always happens. I get involved in more things, honey. Las night was another mess. Nothing important though.

Gee, darling, I’m so lonesome every night sleeping by myself. That would sound bad if we weren’t married. But golly, I almost feel as if we aren’t.

How’s the weather down there- I sure hope it’s decent and that everyone finished before the 17 days. It would be awful if you had to stay there longer. That I won’t think about.

Going to eat breakfast. Wait a sec.

How do you like Eglin, honey? Like “Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo? Everyone says Aux Co. is the worst place in the world to be. We certainly are lucky. It’s awful how long seventeen days can be. It already seems way over a year.

I’ll have to write to everyone soon. Oh, don’t forget to send me Nanny’s address so that I can write her.

How do you like being a Lieutenant now, honey? Still [?] as proud? Golly, I wish you’d get back here so that we could be together.

Did I tell you that some fool maid over at the hotel threw away my box for Mr. O’Leery + Pinkie? And she also threw away our book. (Together reminded me of the sense of oneness). You should have seen me trying to move with all the junk I had. Your B-4 bag is really marvelous. We’ll really need a foot locker for me. That will help loads. If it doesn’t take a year to get there.

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