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Mon Cheri, (French)

It was wonderful to talk to you darling. So I’m going to be a French instructor eh? My God that’s all I need. If they try to pin that on me I’ll, - well I don’t know what but I’ll do something.

Gosh I hope I can get off Saturday, but don’t count on it darling. I was talking to my instructor after I called you and he said it was almost impossible unless it’s an emergency, well it will only be 12 more days honey. But I’m still going to try tomorrow, maybe I can give him a line.

Well hon, I told you I shoot 200 live rounds today, and it was a lot of fun. It makes a difference when you’ve got guns on that baby. If the weather is good I can expect to get a least 300 rounds a day in, maybe 400, if only the weather is good. I got in the air about 10:30 this morning, if I could have flown earlier I’d of gotten 200 more rounds in. So with about eight days of good weather we ought to through.

I’ll have to stop now darling it’s getting late, time to hit the sack.

I love you with all my heart angel. Keep your fingers crossed about this weekend. But if I can’t angel, I’ll be home next weekend sometime. Maybe Sunday noon, I hope.

I send you all my love and devotion until them my darling.

I love you- Always, Judd

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