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My Darling,

This will undoubtedly be very short because I think Daddy and I are going to the movies at least I hope so- “Winged Victory” is playing.

Got two letters from you today- I don’t like the word “got” for some reason I’ve just taken a dislike to it.

Fourteen more days in that concentration camp. Honestly, I’ve grown to have every minute in that place. Just count the seconds practically- well, I know are thing, I’ll never try anything like that again.

Happy is it Lincoln’s birthday. I hope today? Anyway happy whoever’s birthday it is. Oh, I wanted to get you a Happy valentine’s Day card today but none of them said what I wanted to say- so consider yourself wished Happy Valentine’s Day too. Maybe tomorrow they’ll have some more but they were so mushy + sounded so insincere.

Gee, honey, was anything wrong when you called Sunday? I had the strangest feeling that something was wrong. I was going to ask you but it was the funniest feeling when I was talking. I couldn’t think at all or talk as if it were me. It seemed as though someone else were talking and I was helpless to say anything.

Golly, honey, I wish that I could tell you how very much I love you but never in a million years will I be able to.

Did you shoot skeet on Thursday? Bet it was fun. Did I ever tell you about the time Bill Weifle was trying to teach me to shoot. Up on his farm. It was quite a failure- remind me. It would take too long now but what an aim I have.

Whenever I think of anything that you haven’t answered I try to remember to ask you again. One thing is about the scotch? But you’ve really been pretty good. Don’t let that go to your head now. Be a good little baby and keep answering them.

Honey what happened- you actually wrote a time in English instead of the sand script you usually use. Code- that’s what it must be to confuse the civilian population, and annoy me.

Honey, I’ve gained so much weight since you left. Wonder if having my tonsils out could have anything to do with it. That’s no excuse- But, golly, I look like a small elephant now. Not very small either- Hope I can lose it by march.

Next Saturday mother is going to meet me + I’ll have a fitting on the dress. I’d just better lose some weight between now + then. We’re going to get my veil, too and maybe my other coat. Probably a pink ¾ length one- very impractical!

Gee, darling, I love you so everyday seems such a waste of time when I can’t be with you. And every day I miss you more and more.

Have to call your mother tonight. Wonder if she’s back from wherever she and everyone was yesterday- called for or five times and no one answered.

It really is hard sometimes to write every day. Especially when I go out on a week night or on Saturdays when I’m in New York all day and then go out in the evening. But you like to get mail daily honey. I know how it must be away from home with just letters so I’ll keep trying to write every day.

Well, honey, you asked me what brought on all this are you sure questions- I think it was mom. She was saying what a shame it was that you were so young + all her friends thought you were much to young and still a baby (comparatively) and I guess that’s what it was more than anything else. Besides I guess I wanted to be reassured- but you’ve had plenty of time to realize what had happened and we were away from each other and you were worried at one time whether we were mistaking good friendship for love, remember?

You asked if I thought you were a child or something- yes, I do- wait a minute before you throw something. All men are babies no matter how old they are they’re still babies.

Don’t worry about me I know you were the only one for me ever since that first night at the Post Lodge.

Don’t worry, honey, I’m sure I love you and want to marry you more than anything else in the world. I’m not uncertain about me but I want you to be absolutely sure.

You’re so sweet, honey, every letter that I get from you makes me realize more + more how lucky I am.

Oh, last Wednesday Woody got some letters from Steve. She wouldn’t read it to me so it must have been something. What is he doing anyway? Will Sweetie be able to be there by two, honey? Does he know what time the wedding is?

Daddy’s home now + it’s almost time to eat.

Gee, honey, I hope our children (post war plans) look like you. You’re so handsome and I love everything you do. You’re just too wonderful to be true.

Well, darling, dinner’s ready. I love you more than k I’d ever be able to tell you in a million years. If we aren’t too late I’ll write when we get home. I love you.

You’ll have all my love now, and,



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