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Miss Dorothy Six
NEW YORK 18, N. Y.

A/C Judson Clark
Sqdrn 5, Class 45-A
Cadet Detachment
Stewart Field
Newburgh, New York

[Transcription begins]:

Dearest Judson,

Just went over to see the kid who took my pictures. Not that I’m anxious to see them or anything like that. Anyway I told him I was especially anxious to see them because I was going to announce my engagement. He was really amazed to say the least. So he’s going to finish them & bring them over at ten. I’ll be in bed listening to the radio by then but at least I’ll be half awake. He showed me one & it was all right. It wasn’t very good at all but I’ve never seen a good picture of me. Remember, honey, you always said you were going to take one someday.

My, my, what a life—I’m so happy, darling. You’re the most wonderful man in the world. This paper is awful but I just don’t know where any other junk is, anyway, I’m too much in love to know what I’m doing. That’s a wonderful excuse for everything.

Honey, there’s something I want to talk to you about this weekend. It’s somewhat along the lines of what we were discussing Sunday morning (early). (They’re playing “A Journey to a Star.” I like that a lot). To get back to what I was writing about—It’s in regard to faithfulness. Just remind me because I’ll never remember. I thought about it on the train & almost forgot before I started to write you.

Darling, I’m so lonesome. It’s wonderful to be in love but awful when you can’t be with the person you’re in love with.

From now on, honey, you’ll have to pick out all my jewelry. The ring is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Everyone else thinks so too. You’re too wonderful to be real.

Frankie will be on in just a few seconds. He’s a good singer. Don’t care what anyone says. I like him—(sloppy aren’t I). Gee, I’m so much in love. Carol made me so mad this morning. She wouldn’t believe me. I showed her the ring—real nonchantally (my spelling is sad) & waved it up & down a few times & she laughed & said whose was it & to quit kidding. I kept telling her we were engaged but she just wouldn’t believe it. No one will darling. It’s very discouraging. Golly, the models were so surprise[d] & they all said to congratulate you—millions of people have said to congratulate you but you don’t know most of them so it doesn’t make much difference.

Everyone thinks you’re very handsome & cute & I love you.

Honey, I’m so sorry that I didn’t write you very often last week but this week will be a big improvement.

Tonight daddy & I were going to go to the show but he got home a little late & I’m so tired—should get to bed early but I’d rather write to you.

You’re so sweet, honey. There isn’t another man in the world as nice as you. I love you so. Have I told you over 50 times that you write the best & nicest letters of anyone. You say such sweet things, honey.

Honey, I have to write our engagement announcement this week so that I can give it to the papers before the weekend so that it will be in Monday’s papers—What should I say? Did you graduate or get a war diploma or what, honey? I hate to bother with these little things. Why can’t we just say we’re getting married in March & end the whole thing.

You know what, honey—I think you’ll be the best husband I ever had. The others weren’t half as nice.

They’re playing “Always” now. Songs are funny. They remind me of the darnedest things.

There’s still a letter to you under the bed but so far I haven’t looked for it. Don’t remember where abouts under the bed it was. Must remember to look later.

Mother still hasn’t seen the ring, honey. It’s awful—I’ll have to meet her sometime tomorrow. It’s so beautiful. I know she’ll love it too.

Daddy may be able to get it fixed where he works while I wait for it. That will be good because it would be awful to be separated from the ring for long.

Are we going to do anything special this weekend, darling. I don’t care what we do as long as we’re together. Honey, I wonder if I’ll ever get over wanting to be with you alone forever. I love you so.

I’m afraid I can’t wear my hair up this weekend. It looks too awful. I’ll try but I have my doubts. Besides with you around, it wouldn’t stay up very long.

Gosh, honey, it was so hard to leave you Sunday. We should have stayed up all night Saturday. We certainly didn’t get much sleep. I hope that it doesn’t affect your flying.

Oh, Lonnie was shot when he was jumping from his plane. Isn’t that awful! Lord, those Japs—How can people be like that. I can’t understand it. What a horrible thing. I’ve heard of it happening but this it was to someone I knew. I guess it was better that way than being taken prisoner. Honey, people just can’t be like that. It’s so hard to believe anyone would do something like that. Maybe I’ve led a too sheltered life but I just can’t believe things like that. It hasn’t been in the paper yet. As soon as it is I’ll write his family. They were swell and loved him so much. It will just about break their hearts. The whole family just adored him. Golly, this war is really hitting close to home.

Honey, please be careful when you fly. I don’t worry about you because I know you’re a good flyer & won’t get hurt or anything but being careful won’t hurt any. I just know that you’ll be all right when you go over so I’ll never really worry about you. Of course I will worry but I’ll always know you’re all right.

Darling, will the war ending change our plans. You won’t be happy until you’re over—I can understand that and I love you for it. It will be wonderful when we can be together all the time without worrying about your catching trains or anything.

Well, Judson, it’s getting late and I want to get a bath in before bed. I love you very much, honey and miss you awfully.

Have you written to Don yet? I want to tell his family but I’ll wait until you write Don so that he’ll hear it from you first if you’d like.

Well, darling—I love you so. Honey, can’t we make the week go faster somehow. I miss you and it’s so lonesome without you.

Please write as often as you can, honey because your letters mean so much. Are you going to do any flying at night, darling? I love you very much.

Did you tell Tom about the ring? Has he proposed yet?

Honey, please tell me about Steve—come on. Don’t be mean! I’m going to have a surprise for you this weekend, I think. It won’t be very much but there’s something you need that I’m going to give you.

I love you darling—Ah love. You’re so wonderful.

I love you—

All my love,

P. S. Honey, what time are you going to get home Friday night? Do you think you’ll get home around five? If you do I’ll meet you in the city or something & we can go home together—I love you!
[Transcription ends]