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Steve was a friend and fellow cadet stationed at Stewart Field with William Judson Clark.

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[Transcription begins]:

Nov. 28, 1944

Dear Dottie,

You will probably wonder why I’m writing this, but I wanted to find out any information you might have about Woody.

I can honestly say I like her very much, who knows it might lead to something!

Is she at the present time engaged or about to be? [J]ust what is her status with the males in her life. After all I would hate to make an ass of myself, and what does she think of yours truely [sic].

I will appreciate your cooperation in this matter also keep it under your hat. If you can and will tell me anything, write or throw a note in one of your letters to your future lord and master.

Passionately [Crossed out and marked”(censored)” and assumed to be written by W. Judson Clark] yours

[In blue ink and assumed to be written by W. Judson Clark]:
Passed by censor
J. Clark
a/c—a/c #12220080
[Transcription ends]