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A/C Judson Clark
Sqdrn 5 Class 45-A
Cadet Det. Stewart Field
Newburgh, N. Y.

Miss Dorothy Six
8 Brookside Ave.
Pelham, 65
New York

[Transcription begins]:


Dearest Dottie,

What a mad day this has been. All we’ve been doing all day is gape at the sky. All the ships for the air show have started to come in. Everything from an L-4 to a JP-59 came in today, and it’s just the beginning. Even my baby, the A-26 came in, and is that a ship, honey. Gosh it streaked through the air like a bolt of lightning. That’s the flyin’est ship I ever saw. About 40 P-40’s have come in, a whole mess of 25’s, 26’s, & 17’s too. The B-29’s are expected tomorrow. God knows where they’re going to park those trucks.

I haven’t heard from you so far this week, I hope you’re O.K., not sick or anything.

Gosh, darling, this week is dragging like all the others. I thought maybe with this good weather that the time would pass faster because I’m busy. It doesn’t—I guess nothing can speed up the time when I’m away from you my darling. To make it worse I’m constantly being reminded of you, because for some strange reason I seem to have contracted a slight cough from you. I can’t understand it, I thought I gave it back to you Sunday, well I guess I’ll just have to try again.

Tomorrow night, I’m scheduled to fly, but I think we ought to have some snow by then, there’s a pretty strong front moving in with plenty of weather behind it. It ought to be clear Saturday, however. I don’t think I’ll fly Friday, there’s no schedule then, all the ships will be in the hangers to make room for the air show. Maybe, just maybe, I can get off Friday night, but I doubt it. I won’t know for sure until the end of this week.

They’ve been piling homework on us this week darling, so I’ll have to get to work. I miss you darling, more this week than I ever did before. I love you, too, angel. Take care of yourself and write as often as possible. I’ll call you around seven Thursday. Un[t]il then—I love you.

As ever
[Transcription ends]