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Jan. 26, 1943

Bryant College Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, R. I.


Your letter of Jan. 22nd received to-day. Lt. Richard Drayton left Pinellas Air Field, Florida the latter part of Nov. and is now serving “somewhere” overseas. I know he did not receive the package you sent him unless it was forwarded to him there. He has received no letters or packages since leaving this country. On his behalf I wish to thank the Club for their kindness in remembering him. His present address is:

Lt. Richard J. Drayton—0—792972
H. D. Q. & H. D. Q. S. Q. D.
6th Fighter Wing
A. P. O. -- # 637
c/o Postmaster – New York, N. Y.

Trusting you will pardon the seeming negligence on my part in not informing you of this matter before, I am

Most Sincerely yours,
Mrs. Marion R. Drayton
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