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15 December 1944

Dear Fellows and Girls:

I was quite surprised this week to receive a box of candy from you and was even more pleasantly surprised to find myself on the receiving end for a second package yesterday.

I’m lucky this year by being in good old U.S.A once more. I’m a member of Uncle Sam’s terra ferma Navy now and am fast slipping away from shipboard terminology after having been accustomed to if for over two and one-half years. It seems wonderful to be able to walk along the streets once more and hear English speech instead of some foreign language.

Of course I’ve had my thirty day rehabilitation leave and made the most of it by letting Leap year use it’s [sic] powers. I never knew a month was so short before; it didn’t seem short at all in July of 1939 when we were waiting to see if we would win the “sheepskin”!

The best news of all right now is that I will be among the lucky ones to be able to be at home for Christmas. It will be wonderful and almost a strange experience as it will be my first one in U.S.A. since 1940 so you can imagine I’ll surely make the most of it.

I’m spending the winter in Florida but don’t let that fool you as it seems as cold as Weybosset and Westminster in front of the Turkshead building. This time I don’t care how cold it is or what kind of a blizzard they have in New England as I want to see a good old-fashioned white Christmas; the kind we heard about on records for so long while overseas.

Thank you for the candy and your letter with hopes for a Bryant Bulletin in the future my address is:

Paul B. Dwelly, Cy, USNR
Box 34, Naval Air Station,
Jacksonville, Florida

Paul B. Dwelly

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