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Thursday 12/7/44 8:45 p.m.

My dearest,

Today I received 2 letters from you (air mail) dated 11/24 & 11/25 & 3 V-mails dated 11/25, 11/27, 11/29. Also I rec’d an adorable letter from Cap’t Shaw which I’ll answer just as soon as I can. I’d like to send him a package, but since he didn’t request anything—please darling, share a package with him that I’ll send you. He’s a great guy & I sure wish he could have a little happier marital relation!

I rec’d your money order, the German arm band, but as yet, no package from you. Guess it’ll be around shortly!

Nope—cablegrams aren’t so good for you I gather, & I receive those you send not much quicker than the fastest mail service. Except for the moral uplift—they’re not worth what they cost!

I sent you stationary [sic] in a package, but I’ll send you some more!

I’m awfully glad to hear you got the camera & gosh that was nice of Alma & Harold to send you that package. They are well kids!! You have 127 film in the mail & more will be on the way shortly.

So you finally changed your O.D.s. Gosh, I can just imagine how you smelled—ummm delicious! Wish I could have a whiff of it—it would knock me out in more ways than one. I adore you, darling!

So glad you like Morty’s lighter—it was sweet of him to remember that I mentioned that you wanted one. He is a good kid! If you can, send him some of the Nazi junk—he’ll get a “kick” out of it. We haven’t heard from him in some time, so we presume he’s “on his way again.”

Who are you sending Xmas cards to?—you see, I sent a bunch from the 2 of us to almost everyone we know!

Worked like a dog “whipping” the nursery into shape. Missed getting to see the dentist for a check-up because the federal adm., Mr. Bryan, arrived & kept me until 5:30—I worked 9½ hrs. today & I am exhausted. All the toys are now sterilized & 2 rooms are thoroughly cleaned (windows, floors, woodwork, etc.). The irony of it—I only get pd. for 44 hrs. wk. no matter what the overtime is.

Darling—wish you could be here to enjoy my small achievements with me, cause you are part of me! I adore you, Bubsie!


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