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My darling Vic,

At present I’m in the sleeping room watching the children & have a moment to write you that I adore you, &, am merely existing until you return.

Sweetheart, I do hope that you have sense enough to send me a cablegram the minute you land, if you can.

By the way, I called your home last night. Your Mom & sister were out walking. Your Pop was the only one at home & we had a very nice chat. Haven’t seen or talked to Sanf since last week when we all went out together—(Mort, Sanf & I). He didn’t call me so I couldn’t be bothered with him. Also, since two weeks ago, I haven’t said one word to him about volunteer work.

Work has been very nice—the children (all of them) seem to be very well trained in toileting & dressing which is a big help. They are, as a whole, responsive to music, games, etc.

We have quite a mixture of children here—everything from a very fine Greek boy, John, to a[n] illegitimate, naughty colored boy, Larry, to a spoiled Jewish boy, Martin, to an adorable blond baby boy, Randy to[o]—well, I could go on & on.

The parents as a whole are very cooperative.

Douglas, who I wrote you about before, is still having a tough time adjusting.

Yesterday—rec’d a letter from Bulova Watch Co. They claimed they sent your watch Sept. 11 but I never rec’d it, so I wrote & told them to check on that matter.

Gee hon—you’ll have a stack of mail when it catches up with you as I write, at least, one & sometimes

2 – 3 letters per day.

I’m just about ready to doze off with the kids.

Take care of yourself, darling. I adore you.



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