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12 October 1944

Somewheres in England

My wonderful Bubs,

Today was the most wonderful day for me since my departure. I received your letters of the 27th & 28th of Sept. They made me so very happy and made me tingle.

England is a rather scenic place but not unusual. I had an opportunity to see Liverpool and was impressed with the place. This country knows that there is a war going on. A popular phrase among the English is “Keep your pecker up” meaning “keep your spirits up.” These phrases go over very big with the men.

The food here is relatively good (which we eat). The soldiers are told to refrain from eating any of the civilian food since it[‘s] so strictly rationed.

I honestly would not be aware that England had been engaged in such a long war.

Sweetheart, remember send me goodies as often as you can. A continual request. I’ve sent letters to Rosen, etc. requesting things I know they would like to send me so I’m merely adding the request.

How good to hear that Morty got home on leave. I’m sure you all enjoyed his visit.

About the Coronet, dear, forget about it. I’ll pick up magazines as I go along. As yet I haven’t received the “Hello Again,” which will probably come along one of these days.

I’ve read the article in the October Coronet and I think you’ve got a point. I’m interested, among many other things, in the diplomatic service.

Darling, temporarily I’m going on a detail along with some other officers. My temporary address where you can reach me is Lt. V.A. Speert, Q.M. Trk. Co. Provisional 17064, C/O P.M. N.Y., N.Y.

It seems like we’ve got to help out a little bit doing other kinds of work temporarily.

Sweetheart, I like the way you refer to our love as “Blossoming” riper and riper. It shall continue to do so and ripen finally into a tangible result—our children.

Darling, please be careful if you are considering that Benzedrine diet. Doc says that will power is all you need & don’t have to resort to bezderine [sic].

It’s late & I want to get this letter mailed. Goodnight, precious. I love you with all my life.



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