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My most adorable darling,

Most of the time I’m busily occupied, but sweetheart, being without you is so terribly hard—no work or anything could substitute for you.

I stood in line this morning 30 min. & got your films—they are the “super XX” so you can use them in any weather or time of day except night. I sent them in your Xmas package. I went to the Kodak shop on 9th & Euclid (I heard they were going to have films today) & the line went halfway around the block. Please, darling, if you want more films, write me a request & then, after a couple of weeks, I’ll get you some; but—I must have a request.

This letter will be kind of short as I’m very tired. People came to say “good bye” to Mort—especially people with eligible daughters, & stayed & talked until 9 p.m. & then, good-night; but no, Mother had to tell folks to please come see my room. Nuts!

Mort has discouraged me in anything I want to buy you—that’s why your Xmas package will be so rotten—in my estimation. Anything I want to get he says, “don’t bother—it’ll be issued, he doesn’t need it or, he can get it himself.” Perhaps he is right?—Huh?

I’m getting to meet some of the children’s parents & as a whole they seem to be a very interested group. Some night when I have a little bit more time & not so tired, I’ll write in detail. Dennis is adjusting beautifully, but Douglas—not so well. I adore you!

Forever your—


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