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I’m writing your Sat. letter (10/7/44) today Sun. morn, because when I got home last night I was so utterly exhausted, I went right to sleep.

This is going to be a short letter as Dad just got up & I want him to mail it, so that I won’t break the record of having at least one letter in the mail for you every day.

We didn’t get any mail yesterday—kind of slippin’—aren’t you?

But an awful lot happened yesterday as I had lunch with Alice Pensner & dinner with Lt. Amy Embry & Cap’t Davis. I’ll write you a long letter today & tell you all about everything.

I adore you, my beloved. I dreamt early this morn that we were together and when I awoke I was hugging the covers. Boy, that was a bad habit? we got into—sleeping together. Huh?

Take it easy—longer letter follows.

All my love,


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