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8 October 1944

Still at Sea?

Beloved darling,

Before we know it, we should be near our destination. Now, that we’re practically there the trip did not seem too long but at times it was boring.

The weather has become much colder. This morning I wore my combat coat (with the wool lining and a woolen scarf and yet it was cold[)].

In the event I haven’t mentioned it in previous letters I would like to tell you that every meal (2 per day) has one course of fish, most of the fish is smoked and smells like smoked fish you can purchase in the delicatessen stores.

Butsie-pie, for some reason or other the Chanel No. 5 smell doesn’t stick to the paper. I tried ever so hard to smell the stationery and attempt to pick up the odor but to no avail. (Perhaps I had a cold in my dose). Try it again, sometimes.

The other officers sharing the cabin are a bunch of good Joe’s. There’s one guy who I mentioned before Lt. Sam Amster who is a very humorous comic. He’s about 30, about 5’4”, bald spot on the top of his head & mustache [sic]. He was a lawyer & radio man in civilian life & comes from Los Angeles, Calif. He’s in Hdqts. Bty. 909th FA Bn. He’s an egotist of the first water and I enjoy his remarks. You might drop him a line and tell him how much I enjoyed his antics. He should have a speaking acquaintance with you by now. I’ve raved on and on about my wonderful wife! What a real pal she is! What a wonderful cook! What a perfect lover! And I anticipate what an ideal mother! (Hmmm!)

I had some perfectly wonderful jello last night. Strawberry jello and fruits for salad—right down my alley.

Speaking about food, darling, you can send me some of your little delicacies—not to exceed 5 lbs. Also much appreciated would be a small salami. From talk around here I am informed that the food situation is not too good. But we shall see. In any event, yours truly will get along O.K., I’m sure.

Sweetheart, I am madly in love with you and miss you terribly yet I realize that we have been extremely fortunate to have as much time together as we have had. Don’t you think so[?]

Bye for now, my lover


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