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Sunday 10 p.m.


Dear dearest darling—

Since I must start my job tomorrow, I left Hecht’s house with Uk very early. The Hechts gave an open house for their daughter & son-in-law, Lt. & Mrs. L. Kleinman. Will, Mort & I decide to have a drink. My toast was “to our children” & Mort added “all of them”—so then, we got Uk to drink to it—then Dad—so gosh, “all of them” should really have good years!

My counsin [sic] to be, Don Joseph, came in from Camp Attlebery, Ind.—he was ASTP (not my counsin [sic] at U of Ala.), but now, he’s with the 106th Div. in the Infantry. They are getting ready to leave. He’s awfully homely, but very nice. He’s a teacher by trade.

Oh, yes—I saw Fred Soldaw and his wife at Hechts. She’s the former Shirley Sprague—a real jerk. Also, saw unmarrived [sic] Marv Gans, and Al Arfer—all the above mentioned all interning at City Hosp. & not in uniform, as yet. Then—Moe Loeb walked in—the same swell guy he always was—he’s unmarried, no uniform, & interning at Mt. Sinai!

I thought Sanf would come over this afternoon, but instead, he slept! Oh well!

Mort & I had quite a talk this evening—he’s a “good guy”—shrewd--& still loves kids—but he’s still an egotist!

My darling, Sundays are horrible—I think I miss you most on Sundays. U shall definitely have to keep busy on Sundays from now on! I mean “really busy.”

Honey, I love you with every part of my being! Bubs—there’s no one like you—you may have your faults—I adore you even with all of them. If I could just take a “nip” out of your “tushie”—it is adorable you know!

After 3 drinks I do feel a little hazy, but it doesn’t mar my thoughts of you.

Always & always

Your Edith

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