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Wednesday, 12/6/44

8:45 p.m.

My dearest one—

I really had an exhausting day today. The school is located at 2936 Mayfield, a few doors down from Superior Rd. on the so. side of the street. Enclosed you will find a letter sent out to pupils who formerly attended this school & it gives you an idea of how we operate.

Well, the house is filthy & the tenants haven’t moved out as yet, so my housekeeper (colored woman) & cook (white Slovak woman) & myself [sic] decided to work around them. We have to sterilize everything. Why the basement has broken beer bottles, dirty rags & papers—it’s disgusting. Then, I had a conference with Mrs. Miller about what staple foods to buy, a conference with Mr. Burchfield about the bookkeeping & then I saw Miss Highley at the warehouse & obtained some supplies. Luckily [sic] that I had a car—I just can’t see myself “lugging” stuff on the street car!

Then, when I came home from 7-8:30, I filled out form blanks & requisitions. Gosh, I was so exhausted that when Sanf called I couldn’t get off the bed to talk to him!

Oh yes—at 5 p.m. today I dropped around to see your folks before going home. They didn’t seem to think my job was “much”—couldn’t see why I was tired, so I left hurriedly, before I’d [sic] explode. No matter what I told them—my job was a “cinch” & I can assure you, it’s anything but that!

Last night after I took my bath I had a funny experience. I felt myself fainting (I tried to overcome it & couldn’t). After a few minutes I was able to pull myself into bed & then, I remembered—after a loss of blood, don’t take a hot bath!

Rec’d your letters (air mail) of 11/14 & 11/23 & V-mails from 11/24 & 11?26. Funny how mail gets “screwed up!”

Heard from Edelsberg today. Nothing new. Rec’d a very “touching” letter from Sister Helen. She, also, sent you a package. Now, darling, why in the world should I bother sending you packages when everyone else does? By the way, her letter “stank!”

Do you receive the 3-cent letters I send you containing clippings & old letters I’ve rec’d from friends?

Sanf does nothing much outside of his work to amount to any importance! Frankly, he is a “copy cat.” I went to donate blood—now he thinks he’ll go. I really think he lacks “the go” outside of working for money that we have!

Spoke to Amy tonite—plan to meet her Sunday & also a teacher I worked with, Mrs. Swaim—we’ll go to [a] show and dinner!

What’s Haygood’s wife’s address? I’ll drop her a line! You did the right thing to thank B’nai B’rith for their package.

Honey, your tired wife must sign off—she’s dead tired; but throughout her busy day you are uppermost in her heart & mind.

I love you—


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