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At Sea

30 September 1944

My beloved Sweetheart,

Yes, I’m an old salt again. Give me the oceans and the seas! So far the weather has been fine and everything is hunky-dory. I hope I feel the same way at the end of the trip.

You know, I’m an old fatalist, don’t you? Sure as shooting it begins to rain like “cats and dogs” when we leave campt [sic] whereas prior to that the weather was fine. I look back into my memories and find rainy days on the following events—our wedding day; our trip to S.A., and our trip to Fort Sill & COM School. Each experience turned out fine and I have no qualms that this one will turn out O.K. too.

Our quarters are the same elegant quarters which we had hoped for. The food continues to be excellent and my moral [sic] is sky-high. The only bad feature about this trip is that I don’t have you sitting beside me in a deck chair where I can hug and kiss you at will.

Last night the ocean was as calm as a mirror—the moon was round and full. The ship moved swiftly through the water. The scene ideal if I had you in my arms and my lips pressed hard against my loved one[‘]s.

The man [sic] have been issued travel books such as regards practice & customs in foreign countries.

I am spending my time teaching the officers & men foreign languages.

Yesterday I was one of the fortunate men receiving 4 pieces of mail. Three letters from my darling and one letter from the folks. Naturally I boasted about my “little girl” to all the officers and got them extremely jealous. Gee, I’m mean, but I’m crazy about you and want the whole world to know it.

I wonder if Mort got his leave? I hope so, sincerely!

I was surprised at the folks’ letter. It was a fine letter wishing me luck and a speedy return. I hope they maintain that attitude always. It’s better for everybody concerned.

At the present time some darn good musical recordings are coming over the ship’s intercommunication system. The men go for these in a big way.

Precious, you don’t know how happy you make me feel when I learned that you got yourself a position with the Board of Education, that you are contemplating taking some course at night school and spending some time at USO. Perfect, darling, Perfect.

To date I don’t know whether V-mail is faster or not. Off hand I would say send V-mail to supplement your ordinary air mail letters.

I received your letter with the Pres. speech enclosed. The speech was a masterpiece. Thanks for the clipping. He’s my boy for the next term. I listened to Dewey’s speech Tuesday night and the only thing our hero could say was a series of platitudes—nothing specific and sling mud at Roosevelt’s associates. Bah!

About the pilot—He got his just deserves [sic]. He can’t justify his actions. He was a ménage and took a life. The fact that he was young & intelligent is a mitigating circumstance. His sentence will probably be reduced in about 5 years.

You know, darling, I find sometime[s] that I can’t adequately describe my feelings for you. When I think of you (which is always) I smile to myself and say, “Gee, your [sic] a lucky guy to have a wife who loves you so intensly [sic]. Darling, I can feel your love for me and I want you to feel my complete, unreserved, total love for you.

Ours is a permanent, stable union made & sealed in heaven—I didn’t mean to get so poetic but thinking about you makes writing this way simple.

Kiss Mother & Dad for me. Oh! Ukie gets a special kiss. Regards to all our friends and you can tell the world I’m crazy about you.

Love of my life,


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