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September 25, 1944

Monday night

My precious darling,

Today I received two letters from you mailed 9/24—gosh, was I surprised and pleased! I’m so glad you write me often, darling, as your letters certainly keep my morale A-1.

When I first saw your letters I thought you had time to visit Helen and I was sort of, kind of peeved, because then, I would have “kicked myself” for not contending with her cockroaches for a week or so, and then, getting a chance to see you again. But seriously, darling, I’m kind of glad I’m home. I would have hated another anti-climax.

When you called me on the phone and told me all the news, I immediately called your folks and mine and told them the news. We are both “blabber mouths,” I’m sorry to say. This, however, has taught me a lesson (I can see where I should repeat nothing) and from now on, I don’t open my mouth! Now, please don’t write me anything confidential, or tell me anything confidential, as it seems I have a “wagging tongue.” After your letter said everything was to be confidential and I already spilled the beans, I was so angry with myself, I could have cried, because I’m so dumb. I know it’s all insignificant and not at all authorative [sic] or informative, but still—!

I’ll send you a subscription to Coronet just as soon as I can get to gi [sic]. And also, just as soon as I can think of another person that might enjoy it—maybe even myself????

Tomorrow morning, a 3 cent letter, plus a V-mail will be mailed the same time as this letter. Let me know the timong [sic] on them.

We heard from Al Altman and his wife today. Al is up for a medical discharge and he plans to accept it. Also, Martha is not positive, but she thinks she’s pregnant. Also, we hear from the Hamburgs, and Sima is still looking for an ap’t., and now she is again planning to quit her job! Also, Sonny Krasik got a job at the air field. And, the town is literally empty, but Sima can’t find an ap’t.—ha, ha! So that’s all the news I know of friends so far.

Now, let’s see what happened with me today. Oh, yes, I saw Mrs. Lang at the Bd. of Ed. This morning, and I have a job starting Oct. 2nd at $130.00 every four weeks. Here’s the dope: I’m going back to my same job at Glenville Day Care Center, but if I had stuck with the job since last year, I could have been making $160.00 every four weeks, because they gave every girl one year credit for work before the act came into effect and that was worth $10. and then, you get a $5. raise every 6 mos. of continuous service. Anyhow, they wouldn’t give me any credit for my work out of the state. So I decided to take the job at $130., as they are paying me to go to a week’s schooling and then, I get [a]$5.00 raise every 6 mos., plus 15 days sick leave a year, plus one week paid vacation every six months, or, that can be accumulated. Also, I work only a 44 hr. week, so I really don’t that [sic] too bad!

I had to get a temporary teacher’s certificate which costs a dollar and also, I have to go have a physical examine [sic]. After I get done with my interview, I went to WRU in the hopes of taking 9 hrs. [o]f educ. work this quarter, and 9 hrs. of education courses next semester, and that would entitle me to a permanent teacher’s certificate, but damn, all the courses I need are offered during the day time. Ah, heck, I can get along without a permanent certificate.

After that I went to the Office of Civilian Defense and I wanted to sign up for USO work and also, sign Sanf up. Well, there are at least 50 people on the waiting list for an interview, but I talked to [sic] the secretary into giving me an app’t for tomorrow. You see, her husband was a major at Fort Sill before he died, and her son is a F.A. man in the S. Pacific, so you can well see how I maneuvered it. Anyhow, we got very conficential [sic], and she said, that you can’t do much in USO work in Cleveland as they have too many volunteers all wanting USO work, because that’s patriotic, but she asked why I didn’t do settlement work. Well, I got very interested and learned there was a terrific need in Cleveland for such. Anyhow, Sanf and I can work at the colored project on Woodland with adults or adolescents, or we can start with organization and help with organizing one at Hough Ave. and 71st—Thomas Edison School. Sanf and I both like the latter best as we can get in on the ground floor. As soon as we have definite plans made, I’ll write you.

Also, I’m going to start going to Sidney Hill reducing clinic as soon as I get all of the above settled. However, since I’ve been home I’ve lost 5 lbs. from just running around and not using the car, although the darn thing still runs plenty good!

Spoke to your Mom today—nothing new! Shall probably see them some time this week, although I’m still at a loss as to what to say and do when I’m there!

Enclosed find samples of the material I’m using in our ap’t. I think the material is not too feminine, because after all, I still dream you’re in bed with me, and some day you actually will be. I used the oil cloth material to top the dressing table, and the top of the pillow on the stool and also, to cover the lamp shade. The other material (by the way, that’s the complete pattern and then, it repeats itself) I have used horizontally, vertically and diagonally. It really looks very attractive! Let me know if the censor lets it through.

I spend a lot of time in the ap’t and I give the folks $10. week, which, darn them I know they put in war bonds for us. But anyhow, I feel better giving them the money. Oh yes, I, also, spend a lot of time upstairs as I get a little disgus [sic] hearing the family quarrels, especially between my mother and Sadie. But, that’s the way it goes.

I love you madly, and count every minute you’re away as useless—time only matters when I’m with you, and then I forget it.

All my love forever,


[Transcription ends]