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6 December 1944

Somewheres [sic] in Germany

My darling Bubs,

Today I was a most happy youth and no doubt you know the reason why. I received 2 air mail letters from you dated the 21[st] and 27[th] of November and a letter from the Rosens dated 25 Oct. which they addressed to the 227th F.A.Bn. Imagine darling, your letter of the 27[th] reached me in 8 days. It’s wonderful! Also I was thrilled to hear that you received my letters dated the 15[th] and 16[th] of Nov. By now, you should be receiving a steady stream of them. One of these days you should be receiving all the back letters. Your letters have been coming in quite regularly and I have no complaints. I’m still “sweating out” the cablegrams which you sent me as well as the packages. To date I received packages from the Ruebens [sic], The Workingmen’s Circle, Bnai Brith [sic], and the lighter from Mort, as well as the camera—that’s all so far. By the way, your articles have been coming in and you can continue to send them.

Don’t worry about the bonds, darling, they’ll catch up with us although it is a good idea to “wake” them up on the subject. At least, it shows them you are interested.

Sweets, I notice you’ve got a change of stationery again—I like this new paper, too. When you mentioned donating blood at the expense of being “punctured full of holes,” it brought to mind the time we went up to the doctor to take our pre-marital health examinations. I remember all the jabbing that doctor had to do in order to get a teeny-weeny bit of blood for the test. Remember? Gee, those were heart-palpitating days when we were going to be married without really & truly knowing whether our marriage would be a success.

By the way, dear, in the event my other letters have been delayed, let me remind you that the last 2½ years have been the happiest moments of my life and I expect to be on hand to plant kisses on your lips when you become a grandma so you’ll just have to get accustomed to being with me for a long long time.

Sweetheart, you remember, don’t you, that my cable address is AMMODY, that is the only address you use, no APO, etc. Doc received a cablegram here in as little as 6 days, not bad, eh? (Birthday Greeting)

That lecture by Dr. Edman must have been excellent. Golly, if only nations wake up to the fact that only through international relations and understanding can peace be maintained.

Eadie, honey, it may be a good thing that I came over here when I did since it may cut down the time of service I may have to spend in Europe.

Doc Luddecke & myself are planning to learn the Russian language, if we can get the necessary texts, etc. It will be fun trying anyway.

I’ve been pretty lucky with the “piss pot” and have had to empty it but 2 times in the past 9 tries—of course I may run into a string of bad luck.

Enclosed you will find a clipping from Stars and Stripes with a clever caption, but with sinister implications.

“Nazi Diaper Sniper aged 11 is captured.” Does this bring to mind any of the problems presented in “Tomorrow the World?”

I sent you some items of German propoganda [sic], etc., which you should like to keep in our library. Did you get them yet?

Honey girl, I love you deleriously [sic] and am “sweating out” the day when we shall launch our second honeymoon.

Goodnight dearest


[Transcription ends]