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At Camp

24 September 1944

My beloved;

I was glad to have the opportunity to call you yesterday, yet I thought I would never get you on the telephone. Stinki, why do I think that you’re such a wonderful wife?

Your letters now make up a grand total of 5 and they are really the same interesting, entertaining letters as of old times.

The letters that you receive and forward on to me are to be tossed away, No? Or do you want them back?

The weather here has been really snappy—almost approaches that weather we found up at Grand Lake, Colo. I’m having a tough time keeping my bed warm at night. How about helping me, huh?

Sweetheart, I’m glad you located a camera. Send it as well as the film whenever you can. Don’t wait until I get another address. Send it to the present one, and it will be forwarded in the event we move before it arrives.

How are the folks and Ukie? I got a kick out of speaking to Ukie—I was glad she was home when I called.

When are you expecting Mort to come in?

We shouldn’t be around here too long and on our way.

Before I close this letter, darling, I want to add that I do not attempt to write love letters. Lord knows, I hate mushy letters. Any remarks made concerning my wife are purely factual and can be easily proved.

Goodnight, my angel, I adore you.


I’ll answer all your other questions in following letters.

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