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Saturday night


My darling:

You can’t possibly imagine how surprised and pleased I was to hear from you—it was so utterly wonderful to talk to you, but I must admit I wish you were on your way over, because that would bring you home one day sooner.

For a minute I was afraid it was a similar incident to S.A., Texas—I’m glad it’s not as yours and my morale would be nil—we’d go back to the same uncertainty—the same gypsy existence. It’s hard to write to one you love and send him to fact [sic] his enemies; but I’m positive you’re coming back and we will have that much happier an existence knowing your job is done!

I love you my dearest—with every fibre of my being. I want to share everything with you because of this love. Sweetheart, you’re all the world and more to me.

I called your folks and told them I spoke to you. They certainly were surprised. This evening I went to see Baubie G—, and having little or nothing to say, I mentioned your call. Of course, that made her sure that you’d never go overseas. I wish I could believe that! Sylvia wasn’t home—thank goodness. I took Mom with me. Your Baubie is smart in a very shrewd and biting manner. Mom “told her off” in Yiddish in a very nice way—she told her everyone has their troubles—and no one can demand of another person—we must each lead our own life. Not bad for Mom, eh what?

Sweetheart, I have tried almost every printer in Cleveland for our novel Christmas cards. I will continue to try, but I doubt if we can have them made up. I guess we’ll have to settle for “photo X-mas cards.” Don’t forget to send me the list of men in your outfit who you would like me to send Xmas cards to.

Gosh, sweetheart—if I had missed your call I would have been “just sick.”

I’m teaching Uk how to drive and she’s really doing fine—altho my nerves are completely shattered!

Today I went down and registered to vo[t]e, and boy, oh boy, I’m making a big X by Roosevelt.

I filled out an application at the Bd. of Ed. And “wrangled” an interview for Monday. Pretty good, eh what? Now, I see what’s what!

I’m going to fill in every now and then with V-mail letters. Let me know how much quicker you receive them.

I would send you your new camera, but I’m afraid your address will change. As soon as I hear from you, I plan to send you as large a Xmas present as the Army will allow

—By the way, if you request films, I may be able to get you some. Good-night, my sweets—

All my love,


Smell my Chanel? isn’t the envelope potent with it?

[Transcription ends]