Letter Written by Victor A. Speert to Edith Speert Dated September 20, 1944

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Aboard the transport

20 September 1944

My most precious darling:

My morale has boosted 100%. Naturally, I received your letter today as well as one from Ukie.

Sweetheart, I didn’t have a chance to call the folks. However, a call would have been anti-climactic anyway.

Exciting incidents have developed in our first days at sea, more of which I will write to you later. The ocean is as calm as a mirror, with little or no waves present.

We eat but 2 meals a day here and I am really and truly famished when mid-noon comes around. The food here is excellent and when we do eat there is plenty of food. The service here is wonderful, both in the spacious dining room and in the 1st class cabins. Yessiree! Steward service and everything.

I haven’t mentioned thus far in the letter that I’m crazy about you, and would love to make this trip with you abord [sic]. Do take care of yourself and be a swell kid all the way around, will you?

Speaking about Ukie’s letter, she comments that you are too fat and that she recommends reducing. Oh, well!

Darling the incident has resulted in a strange turn of events. I can’t say anymore about it right now, but you’ll get a kick about learning of the event later. I didn’t expect to see the Old Lady quite so soon again.

Bye for now my dearest



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