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On The East Coast

11 September 1944

My Most Precious:

It has been some time since I written you, time spent in traveling to our new station. The trip was uneventful. The sleepers were comfortable and since I was Mess Officer in one of the kitchens, I made sure I ate O.K.

Darling, the trip was similar to the one we made numerous times. I felt cheated in that I was not given the chance to see country which I have yet to see.

I received a letter from Helen and Davey in which they write that they would like to see you and would like to have you stay with them. Frankly, I think it would be an excellent idea and give you a chance to enjoy a little vacation. As for me, I would jump at the opportunity immediately. If you don’t care to stay at their house, you could stay at Sylvia’s apartment or at a hotel. Yet, I would let them know where you are so that they could invite you out sometime.

As for my work, we are kept pretty busy out here. We have received the assurance that passes will be available as soon as our requirements are met. If I get a pass, I’ll try to take in the big city and its theatres.

We don’t know how long we’ll be here, so anything goes. Even one pass will be worth everything.

The camp here is a reception center type, and reminds me so much of Edgewood.

I attended a USO show tonight, which was excellent. Naturally, it had most of its talent from the big city.

I didn’t spend much on the trip, about $3.00, but I spent a lot of money today, such as

$35.00 combat coat

10.00 val pack with zipper

7.50 gift for Edith—surprise

1.50 Schick blades

$54.00 whee!

Also, I am rapidly running out of money. You might wire or send me some check blanks.

My fondest regards to all, I remain your loving, devoted and eternal admirer.


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